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Cast Iron Door Mats Care & Maintenance

Our door mats have each been individually cast from robust iron and finished in a selection of different effects to suit a variety of styles and tastes. Due to the nature of cast iron as a metal, annual maintenance will be required to help prolong the life and look of your door mat. To keep your item in ‘like-new’ condition, here are a few handy tips for you!

Cast iron is an incredibly robust material but, if dropped or handled with force, it is prone to cracking or breaking. We recommend handling your cast iron door mat with care when placing it, cleaning it or touching up any paint finishes. Additionally, try to avoid dropping anything onto the mat, especially with force or from a great height. Each of our cast iron mats come complete with integral feet buffers to ensure stability when in use. For added stability, you may wish to secure your door mat in place. This will not only help to protect the metal work from damage if moved inadvertently, but it will also help to clean your shoes more efficiently.

Cast Iron Door Mats

Our cast iron door mats are supplied in either a natural rustic or painted finish. The natural rustic finish has already taken on an aged patina and will continue to weather down as time passes. This aged look does not affect the integrity or strength of the metal. If your door mat features a hand-painted finish, this will require annual maintenance to remain in ‘like-new’ condition. We recommend a yearly re-paint in a metal-based paint such as Hammerite. This will help to protect the finish and shield the metal against any damage caused by the outdoor elements. 

Cast Iron Door Mats Finishes

As our cast iron door mats are designed predominantly for outdoor use, they will be subjected to a range of different weather conditions throughout the year. We recommend giving your mat a wipe down and clean as often as you can, particularly in the muddier months of the year. This will help to protect the finish and metal for longer.

If you have any further questions about the care and maintenance of your cast iron door mat, please get in contact with our sales team. They would be happy to help and answer any further enquiries.

Cast Iron Door Mats Collection

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