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Mortice, Rim & Centre Doorknobs Frequently Asked Questions

What type of door knob do I need?

Generally speaking, most internal doors require a mortice door knob as this normally has a sprung handle. The spring mechanism allows you to turn the internal latch and open the door. Rim knobs should only be used in conjunction with a rim lock as this handle does not normally feature a sprung mechanism, unless otherwise stated. Rim knobs either rely on the spring within the latch or physical movement to return back to its previous position once the door is opened.

Which door knob you choose is completely up to you and your personal preferences, as well as the existing locks on your door. You can view our range of rim door knobs here and our range of mortice door knobs here.

Are your door knobs supplied sprung or unsprung?

This will depend entirely on the design that you are looking at. We supply a range of sprung and unsprung door knobs for both mortice and rim locks. For further information, please see individual product descriptions or contact our sales team for advice. 

Doorknobs Frequently Asked Questions

What is a centre door knob?

Centre door knobs are designed to be fitted to the centre of exterior doors, where they will not turn. These types of knobs are secured using a bolt-through fixing and cannot be used in conjunction with a lock or latch. If you are looking to fit a centre door knob to your front door, you will need to fit additional locking mechanisms to the opening side of your door. You can view our full range of centre door knobs here.

Are your door knobs sold in pairs?

Unless otherwise stated, our door knobs are all supplied in pairs. Please note that, due to the hand-painted nature of our ceramic door knobs, there may be slight variations in colour and design between any given pair. The same applies for our wooden door knobs. For further details, please see individual product descriptions.

Doorknobs Frequently Asked Questions

Are your door knobs supplied with a spindle?

Yes, all of our door knobs are supplied with a centre spindle and all necessary screw fixings.

How do I care for my door knob?

Our door knobs have been handcrafted from a variety of different materials, which will all require slightly different care and maintenance, especially when fitted to an external door. For more in-depth advice about caring for a particular metal or material, please see our General Care & Maintenance Guide.

As a general rule, we recommend using warm water and a small amount of soap to clean your door knob. Abrasive products such as household cleaners are not advised as these could damage the finish of the material. Please note that beeswax finishes are not suitable for outdoor use.

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