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Information Guide- How to Light Your Wood Burner

To ensure that your fire pit, wood burner or outdoor BBQ is used safely and properly cared for, please refer to the following information in full. This information is important to note before using your item for the first time and must be kept in mind throughout any future uses. For cooking purposes please only use those items marked as "Food Safe". If you have any further or questions about your product, feel free to get in touch with us on 019691 610952. 

Outdoor Fire Pits & Wood Burners


  • These appliances will become very hot during use. Do not move during operation. 
  • To be used with wood only.  Other fuels or a combination of fuels should not be used. 
  • Always use heat resistant gloves when adding fuel or when using any safety tool (where supplied). 
  • Do not use these appliances in a confined and/or habitable space e.g. houses, tents, caravans, motor homes, boats. Danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and fatality.   
  • Keep children and pets away at all times. 
  • Do not use this appliance as a furnace. 
  • These appliances must be installed on a secure level base before use. 
  • Do not use these appliances on wooden decking or any other flammable surfaces such as dry grass, wood chips, leaves or decorative bark, etc.
  • Do not use these appliances on artificial grass or other surfaces that are not heat resistant.
  • Only use in outdoor areas which are well ventilated and free of obstruction. Fires should be kept to a modest size and a distance kept during general operation. 
  • Hot embers may be emitted whilst in use. 
  • Ensure that these appliances are positioned at least three meters away from any flammable materials and have a minimum clearance of three metres from overhead and adjacent surroundings.


  • When lifting or moving these appliances, never drag them. Seek assistance as necessary.
  • As these appliances have components made from steel and/or cast iron, the surface will age and develop surface rust over time once it is exposed to natural weather elements. This is to be expected and does not constitute an appliance fault.
  • For safety reasons, it is recommended to inspect these appliances before each use for signs of fatigue and damage. Be sure to replace any appliance that has reached the end of its natural life. 
  • If these appliances are left outside, a suitable cover must be used once they have cooled completely. Most large hardware stores can supply these.
  • These appliances could mark or stain patios. To protect against this, place onto a separate patio slab or brick base.
  • Cooking grills, where applicable, should be cleaned with a solution of washing up liquid in warm water. These are not suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.

Outdoor Chinineas & Wood Burners


  • For outdoor heating, the following fuel types may be used with these appliances: untreated wood, logs and Easylogs. 
  • For those products labelled as Food Safe, it is essential to use lumpwood charcoal only (1kg recommended). Do not burn coal in these appliances. 
  • We highly recommend lighting once or twice, before any food is cooked on appliances advertised as Food Safe only. 
  • Do not overload with fuel: one or two logs is recommended (800g-1.6kg). The recommended amount of fuel must not be exceeded by greater than 50%.
  • Do not use spirit or petrol for lighting or re-lighting! Use only firelighters complying to EN 1860-3.
  • Prepare a stack of loosely crumpled newspaper and place in the fire compartment. Pile finely split, dry, firewood on top of the paper. Add half of the fuel leaving access to light the paper. To light the paper, use long safety matches or a long reach lighter.
  • Once the fire is established, add the remaining fuel. Always use heat resistant gloves when adding fuel. Do not drop or throw fuel into the appliance as this can cause cracks/fractures to the appliance.
  • To extinguish the fire after use, stop adding fuel and allow the fire to die. Alternatively, douse it with sand. Do not use water as this may damage the appliance, and will also create excess ash particles.


  • CAUTION: eating raw or under-cooked meat can cause food poisoning. Only cook on those items marked at "Food Safe", other products may not be suitable or may require adaptation. 
  • It is recommended that these appliances are heated up throughly before cooking. Do not cook before the wood has a coating of ash and is white/grey in colour. 
  • Always wash your hands before and after handling uncooked meat and before eating.
  • Keep raw meat away from cooked meat and other foods. Do not use the same utensils to handle cooked and uncooked foods.
  • Ensure all meat is cooked thoroughly before eating.

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