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Information Guide- How to Light Your Wood Burner

Setting Up Bowl for Lighting

Setting Up a Bowl for Lighting

Step 1: Before starting anything, ensure that your burner is on a level surface.  Make sure any build-up of ash or sand from the bottom of the bowl is removed – always start with a clean slate!  We recommend the use of wood only. 

Step 2: Evenly cover the bottom of your fire pit with two to four inches of sharp/builder’s sand. Do not use beach sand, as this contains salt and will cause your bowl to corrode at a quicker rate. Adding sand to your bowl before lighting will ensure that it retains heat for longer and will help to insulate the heat at the bottom of your bowl and prevents the below ground from burning. When using your bowl for cooking purposes, this should only be done with products labelled as Food Safe. 

Lighting as a Fire Bowl

Step 1: Start by making a pyramid in the centre of your bowl with newspaper and kindling, firelighters or leaves and twigs. Once your pyramid is created, light the structure using a match or lighter and gradually add wood to the bowl.  Ideally, the drier the wood, the less smoke will be created when lit making for a more pleasurable experience.  

Step 2: Periodically top up the flames with fresh dry wood as and when needed to keep the fire alive. The fire should not be left unattended at any point throughout burning. Do not use spirits or petrol for lighting or re-lighting.  Children and pets should be kept away at all times.  To be used outdoors only in well ventilated areas.   Photos for illustration only.

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Lighting for Cooking

Only cook in products specifically labelled as Food Safe. 

Step 1: We recommend using wood or alternatively lumpwood charcoal if specifically advised. Build a pyramid in the centre of the bowl using the charcoal and place a firelighter in the middle. Once this is created, the bowl is ready to be lit using a match or lighter.

Step 2: The burner should be heated up and kept hot for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking. The burner should not be left unattended at any point during this process. Do not use the bowl for cooking purposes until the fuel has a coating of ash and appears to be grey or white in colour.

Tip: Once you have finished cooking, you can continue to use the bowl as a fire pit. Simply remove the cooking grills safely with a pair of tongs or heatproof gloves and add pieces of dry wood. 

Cooking on Bowl

Extinguishing the Fire

Method One: The best way to extinguish a fire within your burner or fire pit is to let it naturally peter out. We would recommend letting the wood burn down completely into pure ash. You can aid this process by using a shovel or stick to dampen the flames. When doing this, ensure that all safety precautions are in place.

Method Two: Although not recommended as the drop in temperature will damage the structural integrity of your bowl, you can use as small amount of water to put out your fire if necessary. To put out a fire using water, start by carefully pouring water down the inside of the bowl and over the ashes. Keep adding water until all sizzling sounds have ceased. Make sure that all the ashes are covered with water by using a shovel to distribute the liquid. 

Tip: Once the bowl is cool, ensure that all sand and ash is removed after use. We recommended waiting at least 24hrs to remove any ash, as this will ensure there are no hidden sparks. Ash is acidic and will cause your bowl to corrode faster. If the sand gets wet, it will also corrode as the metal reacts with the moisture. To find out more about how to properly maintain your burner, please read here.

Wood Burner and Kadai Bowl

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