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Garden Hose Holders

  • Gloriously Green
    Gloriously Green
    We have produced a beautiful range of garden hose holders and tidies with the overall aim of having something entirely different and special to offer to enhance your garden.
  • Luscious Lawns
    Luscious Lawns
    This range has been produced using a mixture of high grade metals and finishes. They are simply gorgeous to look at and delightful to use, a real piece of garden theatre to transform your patio or lawn.
  • Gardening Essentials
    Gardening Essentials
    The range is home to those that are unique to us and are unrivalled, along with other similar designs to suit smaller budgets. Some of our most popular pieces include our fishing reel and water wheel designs.

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  • Bronze Sunflower Hose Tidy

    Bronze Sunflower Hose Tidy

    Part Number: WV112

    Normal Price: £74.99

    Special Price: £63.74

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  • £39.99

  • Water Wheel Garden Hose Tidy

    Water Wheel Garden Hose Tidy

    Part Number: WV111


  • Normal Price: £32.99

    Special Price: £28.04

    Free Delivery
  • £29.99

  • Fishing Reel Hose Tidy

    Fishing Reel Hose Tidy

    Part Number: WV110


  • Rustic Squirrel Hose Holder

    Rustic Squirrel Hose Holder

    Part Number: WV086 WV087


    Free Delivery
  • £70.00

  • £34.99

  • Hartshorne Garden hose holder

    Hartshorne Garden hose holder

    Part Number: Hartshorne Garden hose holder

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  • Sylvia Garden Hose Holder

    Sylvia Garden Hose Holder

    Part Number: Sylvia Garden Hose Holder

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  • £29.99

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18 Item(s)

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