Gazebos, Rose Arches & Bandstands Care & Maintenance

All of our gazebos, rose arches, bandstands and other ironwork structures are entirely unique in design and will lend an unforgettable sense of drama to any location. Each design has been carefully crafted from iron, steel or aluminium to ensure ease of assembly and longevity. All pieces, unless otherwise stated, have been hand-finished in a metal-based satin or gloss topcoat to help protect the finish from the outdoor elements. However, as with any item placed outdoors, regular maintenance will be required to keep your ironwork structure in ‘like new’ condition. 

Gazebos Care & Maintenance

All sections of your ironwork structure will arrive unassembled. The number of pieces will vary from structure to structure. If you require prior knowledge of this, please see individual product descriptions or contact our sales team. If you should choose to re-finish your ironwork structure yourself, we always recommend that this is completed before the structure is full installed. However, if you choose to apply the final coat after your gazebo or structure is assembled, we would advise the use of scaffolding, and recommend that all necessary height precautions are carefully observed.

After the rigours of installation, any chips in paintwork should be touched up at the earliest convenience to avoid any further damages. As most garden ironwork is not galvanised due to the extensive cost required on such large pieces, we recommend an initial topcoat is applied within the first year and then annually, or as and when required. Some of our deluxe designs will be galvanised. For further information please see individual product descriptions.

Gazebos Care & Maintenance

Due to the nature of the metal materials, some surface rust will appear over time, especially at welded junctions and wherever joints have been created. This kind of rust is known as ‘French Bleed’ and will vary depending on your location and local weather climate. This can easily be addressed by applying a routine rust prevention preparation, and then a small repaint in that local area.  

Areas in closer proximity to the coast or with higher atmospheric pollution will require a more intensive maintenance schedule due to the heightened salt and chemicals in the air. If you live near the coast or within a large city, we recommend performing maintenance on your garden ironwork more frequently. 

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