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History of the Lamp Lighter

Have you ever been on an airplane flying over towns and cities in the night and see the beautiful hue of lights stretched across the land? Now imagine life without those streetlights or the yellow orange glow from house windows. Hard to imagine, right? Originally powered by oil in the 17th Century, these types of lights used smelly fish oils and an integrated wick which was lit daily, but it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that these lights would change from oil to gas and streetlights would be revolutionised forever.

A man by the name of William Murdoch experimented with a variety of fuels and used coal gas to light his own home. Inspired by this idea, the first gas lit lights were illuminated in January 1807 in London. 

History of London Lighting

The illumination of these street lights was down to the work of a Victorian lamp lighter. With a ladder and ignition lamp in hand, these were thought to be trustworthy men as they played an important and highly essential role in the city and to all those that lived there.  Often seen just before dusk, the lamp lighter would rest his ladder against the specially constructed horizontal bars, known today as ladder bars, to support himself as he climbed. Once lit, he would move onto the next lamp post.  He would continue this around the city and at dawn, would extinguish the light in the same way.

History of the Lamp Lighter

Nowadays, these traditional lamp posts have only a single change, they use electricity rather than gas. Here at Black Country Metal Works we pride ourselves on our closeness to traditional lighting, from the ladder bars which are now just used for decorative purposes, to the built in bulb holder which would have replaced the gas switch, each one of our lamp posts gives a nod to the history and ancestors that came before it.

History of the Lamp Lighter

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