House Sign & Numbers Care & Maintenance

As our house signs and numbers are predominantly designed to be placed in outdoor areas, regular care and maintenance will be required depending on the material that the sign is crafted from and the location in which it is placed. Certain materials thrive in exterior locations whilst others require a little bit more attention when exposed to outdoor elements for prolonged periods of times. We have created this handy guide to help you to keep your house sign or numbers in ‘like-new’ condition for many years to come.


Most of our house name and number plaques have been cast from resin and hand-painted using a variety of colour finishes. Resin has the unique ability to take-on a traditional iron appearance when cast, making it the perfect alternative for outdoor placement. Unlike cast iron, resin doesn’t rust when exposed to moisture in the air and actually requires very little maintenance when placed outdoors. Due to exterior placement, occasional cleaning and paint touch-ups may be required. To wash, simply wipe down with a clean cloth and warm soapy water. Any hardy paint suitable for outdoor use can be used to touch-up the finish when and if required.

Cast Resin House Signs


Polished brass is used to create most of our self-adhesive numbers and letters, informative signs and number signs. Many of our polished brass products are treated with a clear lacquer or hand-painted to help preserve the exterior of the metal. If you wish for the brass or chrome elements of your sign or numbers to remain shiny, a regular clean using a soft dry cloth will be required. We do not recommend using abrasive household cleaners as these will only oxidise the brass further. When exposed to the outdoor elements, untreated brass will oxidise and lose its unique shine over time. Unlacquered brass should be polished regularly using a metal polish.

Polished Brass House Signs


Due to outdoor placement, our wooden house signs have all been varnished to help preserve the natural integrity of the wood. The varnish coat will help to create a barrier between the wood and any abrasive outdoor elements but may require some maintenance over time. If possible, we advise that wooden signs are fitted within an undercover location to avoid any water damage that may occur. To help protect your wooden sign, an annual touch-up using any clear wood varnish is recommended. Please note that wooden items placed in close proximity to the sea will deteriorate faster due to the salt content in the air.

Wooden House Signs


Our bespoke house name signs are all carefully crafted in-house using high-quality steel. Our steel products are all left untreated unless otherwise stated and are supplied in a primer or base coat only. Over time, untreated steel will develop a surface rust due to the moisture in the air. This ‘aged’ patina will not affect the integrity of the metal and many people do find it quite attractive, choosing to let the metal age naturally. However, if you want your steel sign to remain in ‘like new’ condition, an annual re-paint using a metal-based paint will be required. As with wood, we advise placing your steel sign in an undercover location if possible. 

Steel House Signs


Due to the higher levels of maintenance required with cast iron products, only few of our signs have been created from this material. Much like steel, cast iron will gradually patina down when exposed to the outdoor elements if left untreated. An annual re-paint is advised but, if you live near the coast or in an area of high pollution, a re-paint may be required more often. Although incredibly robust, cast iron is prone to cracking if dropped or hit with force so please take care when installing or handling your iron sign. Please note, beeswax finishes are not suitable for outdoor use unless otherwise stated.

Cast Iron House Signs


Within our house sign collection, we stock a small range of traditional Welsh slate signs. As slate is a naturally occurring stone, it requires very little maintenance when placed outdoors. Our slate signs are left untreated and may be prone to scratching or cracking if handled without care. Due to its exterior placement and exposure to the outdoor elements, your slate sign may require an occasional clean using warm soapy water and a clean cloth. 

Slate House Signs

Please note that many of our house signs and number plaques have been created from more than one material, particularly in the case of customisable designs. Varying types of maintenance will be required for each material. If you need any help identifying a material or if you have any further queries, please get in contact via email at or via telephone on 0800 6888 386. For more in-depth advice over protecting a particular metal material, please see our General Care & Maintenance Guide

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