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Lamp Posts & Lanterns Installation Guide

We strongly recommend general lamp post installation and wiring is completed by a set of qualified tradespeople and electricians. A tradesperson is equipped with the relevant knowledge needed when it comes to assessing the suitability of an installation area, and will ensure any necessary modifications are made if required. Not all locations will be suitable and we cannot take any responsibility for inappropriate installation.  

To help you and your tradespeople along, we have put together some guidelines to help outline the process. Please note that the installation method can differ regarding size, style and installation setting.

Watch this video to get a step-by-step demonstration of an "All-Thread" fitting method.

Lamp Post Installation

With your lamp post you will have received a wooden template like the one pictured below. This will help position the fixing holes and space needed for the base at the installation site.

  • Once you have determined and/or created a suitable base area for your lamp post, place the supplied wooden template at the location. Once happy with the position, mark out the proposed fixing holes.
  • Ensure the concrete base has been threaded with the electrical channel and is complete with wiring prior to fitting the lamp post itself.
  • Drill four fixing holes into the concrete, or installation site, ready to fix the lamp post base into position using the supplied masonry expanding rawl bolts. Your tradesperson may wish to use an alternative method such as the “all thread method” depending on ground type, see the installation video below for more information.
  • With the base now in position you can fit the central pole and thread the excess wire through ready to connect to the lantern.
  • The wiring will now need to be connected to the brass bulb holder (supplied) ready for use. Again, we highly recommend the use of a qualified electrician to ensure this is done safely and correctly.

Lamp Post Installation Guide

Ensuring Stability & Further Maintenance of the Post

  • Due to the use of stainless steel locking points, iron filings can be left behind once tightened. Because of this, we recommend that each locking point is coated over with a good quality metal paint such as Hammerite.
  • Due to the rigours and handling of your lamp post during installation, we recommend that a paint coat is given within the first 3-9 months and then repeated as and when required.
  • We recommend that pressure is not applied to the post by pulling, leaning or tying things to the post which may cause the central pole to apply additional pressure on the base fixings. Please also note that the ladder bars on all lamp posts are purely for decorative purposes and should not be used with an actual leaning ladder. Our lamp posts are not designed for leaning against, climbing or areas with high winds.
  • We recommend the installation is professionally assessed to ensure it is safe and secure. 

Swan Neck Lantern Installation

With all of our swan neck style lanterns, you will receive a roof mounted bulb holder meaning some extra installation methods are typically used during the wiring process. As shown in the images below, your electrician or tradesperson should secure the cable entry point with a locking nut, washer and grommet.

Swan Neck Victorian Lantern Installation

A small layer of silicon can also be applied to completely seal this cable entry point. As pictured, a matching black silicon is typically used for a more aesthetic finish. Silicon can also be added to the underside of the lantern lid where the bulb holder stem meets the lantern roof, as pictured below.

Black Silicon Applied To Inside of Lantern

Bulb Guide

Now that you have successfully installed your lamp post and lantern, you'll want to start thinking about getting it up and running. But what bulb should you be using? This quick video guide perfectly details the kinds of bulbs that will be suitable for getting your new lamp post beautifully illuminated. 

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