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Leather Furniture & Accessories Maintenance
Leather; durable, stylish and long lasting.  Show it some love and reap the benefits for years to come with this handy guide to all things leather maintenance!  Our leather collection is stylish and brings a touch of personality to any space but, in order to receive maximum enjoyment out of your product, you must ensure that it is kept clean and protected. Caring for leather may be a daunting task, but we have created this quick, simple and clear guide to help make sure your furniture upholds its value and maintains its appearance for many years to come.  

Please be aware that this guide is for general advice and guidance only. For more accurate and specific maintenance advice regarding the cleaning of leather, we recommend seeking guidance from an experienced professional.

Leather Furniture & Accessories Photograph

General Rules:

  • Leather is a skin and therefore stretches. Avoid applying heavy weights for long periods of time to ensure it maintains its original silhouette. 
  • Store leather away from direct sunlight to avoid fading in patches.
  • Store leather away from heat sources (fires and radiators) as they will cause the leather to dry and therefore crack.
  • Try and avoid wearing embellished clothing, metal jewellery or other sharp surfaces when using your leather furniture to avoid scratching the leather.

Leather Furniture & Maintenance Cleaning Guide

Leather specific cleaner and conditioner is widely available and should be used as and when necessary.  Conditioner will ensure that the leather remains nourished, hydrated and therefore, it will keep its supple attributes.  To remove surface dirt and grease, simply wipe your leather with a clean damp cloth. Avoid household solvents, silicone sprays and cleaners as these will only damage your leather in the long term.

Leather Furniture & Accessories Cleaning Photograph

For maximum protection, we suggest wiping your leather product once a week. For those hard to reach crevices that fill with dirt and dust, apply a soft brush to the end of a vacuum.  Once a month, a thorough clean should take place. Take a damp soft cloth and wipe in a circular motion, working from top to bottom always.  Allow to dry naturally or dab with a clean towel.

We suggest applying a small amount of leather specific conditioner twice a year to ensure hydration.  Apply to a clean microfibre cloth, never directly onto the leather, and work in circular motions to ensure a more even tone.  Wipe the product in the direction of the leather grain and remove any excess conditioner with a cloth. Little is more in this instance. Allow to dry naturally.  

Leather Furniture & Accessories Fixing Scratches

Despite leather being a highly durable material, it is prone to scratches and can be hard to ignore once noticed.  No matter the depth of the scratch, before beginning to repair, ensure the area is cleaned fully with a damp cloth and allow the surface to dry naturally. 

Leather Furniture & Accessories Scratches Photograph

Small scratches are the easiest to solve and can normally be reversed using leather oil or conditioner.  With a small amount of leather oil or conditioner, work in circular motions over the area to reduce the scratch.  Leave to dry completely and naturally. 

If a deeper scratch occurs, it will require more attention than that of a light polish. If only the colour has been scratched but the surface leather remains intact then buff the scratch with a soft dry cloth and apply thin layers of matching colour balm, blotting any excess with a clean cloth.

For those scratches which have penetrated deeply and scuffed the leather itself, resulting in a broken seal or an area of significant colour loss, then filler will need to be applied. In cases like these, we suggest seeking an experienced professional to remedy this. 

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