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Information Guide - Lighting Your Garden Space

 How to space a lamp post to ensure desired light output

With the seasons changing and the days getting shorter, there is once again a shift to reliance on artificial light, both indoor and specifically, in this case, outdoor lighting.

Spacing is an important factor to ensure the correct amount of light is achieved, as a result of one or with the help of two or more light products. Whichever one you have, there is a way in which to space your product to maximize its light outreach, to add clarity and professionalism to your garden.

This guide applies to all of our own, high-quality lamp post products, ranging from the smaller, miniature lamp posts to much larger Victorian styles.

Front of House Lit Pathway

What to consider:

When considering the space of your lighting product, there are several variables to take into account. Such as:

-          The mood of the space – whether this would be ambient lighting or something like task lighting – maybe even softer like wall lights. For more information on the different types of lighting, our blog post covers this in detail.

-          The product in relation to the shape of the space – does it match the size of the garden or path area?

-          Consider whether anything needs to be emphasized – for example, is there an area of your pathway or stairs that needs attention, maybe because of damage?

-          Does anything need to be hidden? Or will it be as a result of placement?

-          Which direction will the light be facing? Will you prioritize the front of your garden? Or maybe an increased focus towards the house?

-          Finally, the interaction and possible interference of any daylight

Collage of Single-Lit Pathway and Isolated Lamp Post

Calculating Lighting Parameters:

This is a priority for indoor lighting mostly, but the premise can still be applied to your outdoor lighting product.

These calculation methods for lighting come in three different, broad categories:

Manual calculation methods – these can be quite complex in some instances and might provide inaccurate estimates if done incorrectly.

Three-dimensional modeling – software to dedicate measuring methods for correct placement of the lighting to provide the most coverage over a surface area.

Visualization – programs that create a perspective rendering of the space in various levels of detail

Most, if not all these techniques to find out the lighting parameters may require professional assistance to result in the best outcome. Always seek assistance if you are unsure of how to do any of the above.

Collage of Lit Driveway at Night and Paired Victorian Lamp Posts

How far should the lights on your pathway be placed?

Generally, path lights would benefit from being placed around 2.5m (8ft) from one another to ensure your garden and path are lit to the maximum capacity. This would differ depending on how many products you were using, the size of those products and in turn, the size and power of the light provided. Resulting in some needing more, or less distance than stated above.

For our lamp posts, we recommend using an energy-efficient bulb that generally has a 60w output. This allows for effective visibility in between products. However, the strength of the bulb is preferable to you and if you require or would like one a bit stronger to cover a larger radius, that would not be an issue

An estimated guide to spacing for all of our different sized products is as follows:

For products sized between 1m and 2m in height, we recommend using a space of around 10m in-between each product for sufficient light coverage.

If the lamp post is sized between 2.1m and 3m, we recommend a spacing distance of around 15m in-between each product for sufficient light coverage.

Finally, for any of our products that are between 3.1m and 4.6m in height, we advise a recommended spacing distance of 20m in-between each product.

The sizing range for each of our variety of lamp posts is as follows:


  • 1.0m – 1.5m in height


  • 1.0m – 5.5m in height


  • 2.0m – 4.6m in height


  • 1.0m – 3.9m in height


  • 1.0m – 5.5m in height

Collage of Spaced Lamp Posts and Individually Lit Lamp Post

We always recommend seeking professional guidance when calculating and measuring the distance as well as installing the products if you are unsure yourself.

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