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Lamp Posts & Lanterns Maintenance Guide

Each section of your lamp post will require slightly different degrees of attention. Some sections require very little maintenance but, for others, more routine attention may be needed.  Generally an annual maintenance schedule is recommend. Follow this guide for tips on how to maintain specific lantern and lamp post types.

Lamp Post Maintenance

Iron Bases & Ladder Bars

The iron bases and ladder bar centre require as little or as much care as you feel necessary. Iron, by its very makeup, does not corrode in the same way as other metals and must not be confused with steel. However, even with no care at all, very little else will occur other than the dulling and cracking of paintwork or rusting of the surface over time.

Some of our customers prefer the natural ageing of iron and actually desire the antique/period look that uncared for iron can offer. If you’re looking to keep iron in perfect condition, we recommend painting within the first 3-9 months followed by yearly maintenance, or as required. 

Please note the iron bases are prone to cracking as cast iron is brittle, especially if dropped or if something collides with the base.

Cast Iron Lamp Post Base + Ladder Bar

Full Aluminium Posts & Bracketry

For aluminium, routine painting may be necessary depending on your preference. You may prefer the rustic look that aluminium acquires as it ages, or you may wish to keep it in its original condition. Aluminium paints are commonly available but if you should need assistance finding a suitable brand, our team is always on hand to help if you give us a call.

The main benefit of aluminium is the high detail and more defined castings which can be achieved when using it as a material.  Also if aluminium corrodes, it generally forms a white powder which is less noticeable than the brown marks normally associated with steel or iron. This property of aluminium makes it ideal for use with bracketry on buildings or walls, especially when they are painted.  

Lamp Post Bracketry

Steel Posts & Victorian Lanterns

As with any steel structure, elements and moisture in the air will cause corrosion over time. Even where these components have been galvanised or powder coated, this will only prolong the life of the product and does not provide a final fix.

All steel posts and lanterns are manufactured from pre-galvanised steel and then coated with a thick black powder coat. For optimum performance we recommend these sections are painted with metal based paint within the first 3-9 months of installation and then yearly, or as required.  

Upon installation we always advise grub screw locking points, and any nicks in the paintwork, are sealed with a metal based protective paint.

Steel Post of Lamp Post

Although we have mentioned the various sections of the posts individually, there are paints available which can be applied to iron, steel and aluminium, so maintenance can easily be completed on the entire post in a single session.

Lantern Maintenance

Copper Lanterns

All of our copper lanterns are coated in a tough stove lacquer. This protective layer is designed to break down slowly over time, allowing the copper gradual exposure to the elements. Depending on the chemicals and salt content in the air, the lanterns will gradually patina down to a rich dark green colour. If you would like to try and preserve the bright polished copper appearance, we recommend the use of a yacht varnish.

Copper Victorian Lanterns

Antique Brass Lanterns

Our antique Brass Lanterns are also coated in a tough stove lacquer. Whilst brass does not age in the same way as copper, it will tarnish over time. We recommend regular cleaning with a damp cloth or brass specific treatments only. It is important to ensure that cleaning chemicals and agents should not be used. As with our copper lanterns, a protective coat of yacht varnish can be used to preserve the finish.

Antique Brass Lanterns

Acrylic & Perspex Panes

The Perspex supplied with our lanterns offers a very similar level of transparency to glass, but with the added benefit of being much stronger. However, if left uncleaned and maintained, the Perspex panes can tend to go cloudy over time (especially in areas of high pollution or within proximity to the coast).

It is possible to remove these panes for them to be cleaned when and if necessary. Very often, much of the discolouration can be removed by first washing with warm, soapy water. Additionally, a plastic restorer or polisher solution can be used to get an even better finish.

Please note that in areas of high pollution or within proximity to the coast, the metalwork will always require greater maintenance due to the corrosive atmospheric conditions.

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