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Metal Flowers Care & Maintenance

Most of our metal flower and mushroom sculptures are made from high quality stainless steel and hand-painted in a variety of colours and finishes. These sculptures have been primarily designed for indoor or sheltered outdoor locations, where they can stay clear of adverse and harsh weather conditions. Although we recommend keeping your flowers indoors for the best possible lifespan, if you did wish to place your sculpture outside, a yacht varnish should be applied at point of installation and at three-month intervals thereafter. During winter months we also recommend hand-painted sculptures are stored under cover to ensure they are not exposed to the worst of the elements. 

Steel Flowers

Please note that some of our sculpture designs have been specifically designed to take on a ‘shabby chic’ appearance and will continue to weather naturally and patina if left to the elements. If you don’t wish for your sculpture to age any further, we recommend a varnish or stove lacquer applied yearly.

Rustic Metal Flowers

Some of our mushroom and nature sculptures have been crafted from a beautiful combination of steel and wood. The steel elements should be treated as suggested above, and wood care should also be taken into consideration. To ensure a longer lifespan, we recommend that you treat the wooden elements with an annual sanding and application of an exterior wood varnish.

Wooden Sculptures

As with our steel sculptures, wooden sculptures or those containing wooden elements should not be left outside during the winter months. Ideally, they should be kept indoors or under cover for all months of the year to protect the integrity of both the wood and steel elements. 

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