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Maintenance And Care For Your Post And Parcel Boxes

All of our post boxes are made from highest quality metals and will last for many years to come with the help of some annual maintenance and care.

Each design is traditionally crafted; hand riveted and finished to ensure the quality and durability of each piece. Over time of course moving parts and hinges are likely to deteriorate simply due to the friction created by everyday activity. Similarly the colour or custom finish of the post box will weather down as a result of the exposure and wearing of time. To help counteract this we have some advice that will help with these issues.

To maintain the colour we suggest re-painting in a recommended metal paint annually. Should your setting be located in a more temperamental climate a bi-annual coat may be necessary.  Prior to this please ensure the metalwork has been cleaned with nothing abrasive and is dry. Of course, many people prefer the vintage look achieved as the piece ages, giving an authentic sense of character to your home.

Some surface rust will ultimately appear at welded junctions and indeed wherever joints have been created. The degree of this can vary depending on your local weather climate e.g. coastal areas, where there is a salt element in the air, cities and areas of high pollution or high rainfall will naturally require more love and care.

Surface rust, should it appear can easily be addressed by regularly applying a routine rust prevention preparation, and then a small repaint in that local area. Routine maintenance is always recommended and is essential with any metal product that is kept outside for any period of time.

It is also worth remembering, that surface rust will not impair the functionality or purpose of the post box in any way, as such is it not possible to warranty against some limited discolouration or oxidisation that does not compromise the structure.

Should you need advice regarding installation please see our set up and guides.

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