Post & Parcel Boxes Care & Maintenance

All of our post and parcel boxes have been made from the highest quality metals and will last for many years to come. However, as with any metal item placed outdoors, annual maintenance and care will be required to keep your post or parcel box in ‘like new’ condition.

Each design is traditionally crafted, hand riveted and finished to ensure the quality and durability of each piece. Over time, of course, moving parts and hinges are likely to deteriorate simply due to the friction created by everyday activity. Similarly, the colour or custom finish of the post box will weather down as a result of exposure to the outdoor elements and wearing over time. To help counteract this, we have some advice that will help with these issues.

Free-Standing Post Boxes

To maintain the colour, we suggest annual re-painting in a recommended metal-based paint. Most good hardware stores should be able to advise here but we recommend Hammerite. Should your setting be located in a more temperamental climate such as by the coast, a bi-annual coat may be necessary. Prior to painting, please ensure the metalwork has been cleaned with nothing abrasive (i.e. household cleaners or chemicals) and is dry. Of course, many people prefer the vintage look achieved as the piece ages, giving an authentic sense of character to your home.

For aluminium post boxes, a slightly different approach will need to be taken should you require a re-paint. We do not recommend metal-based paints such as Hammerite for aluminium surfaces. Instead, we advise you to sand down your post box using a wire brush to remove any loose paint and excess powder. Also ensure that any green algae is fully removed from the surface. We then advise re-painting with three coats of BEDEC Multi-Surface Paint (available from most good hardware stores).

Some surface rust will ultimately appear at welded junctions and wherever joints have been created. The degree of this can vary depending on your local weather climate, the salt content in the air, the amount of rainfall, and amount of pollution. Post boxes placed in areas near the coast or within a city will naturally require more love and care. To alleviate any visible rust, we recommend an oil-based primer.

Wall-Mounted Post Boxes

Surface rust, should it appear, can easily be addressed by regularly applying a routine rust prevention preparation, and then a small repaint in that local area. Routine maintenance is always recommended and is essential with any metal product that is kept outside for any period of time. It is also worth remembering, that surface rust will not impair the functionality or purpose of the post box in any way and, as such, it is not possible to warranty against some limited discolouration or oxidisation.

Should you need advice regarding installation, please see our installation guides here. If you need any specific advice regarding a particular metal, please see our General Care & Maintenance Guide.

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