Post & Parcel Boxes Installation

Each of our post box designs require a different type of installation, whether you’ve purchased a wall-mounted, built-in or free-standing box. Our wall-mounted boxes offer the perfect solution for those with limited outdoor space but are still in need of a stylish yet secure way to receive their mail. Our built-in boxes are ideal for that added touch of security and offer a unique, and very neat, alternative to more traditional designs. And our free-standing boxes are designed specifically for those commercial premises or properties out there seeking a sense of grandeur.

Within this guide, we have put together some general installation advice to guide you through the process of installing your new post box. Our post boxes have been specifically designed for ease of installation, but we do recommend consulting a tradesperson should you need additional guidance or assistance, particularly with our built-in designs.

Wall-Mounted Post Boxes Installation

The majority of our wall-mounted designs feature pre-drilled fixing holes to the rear or, alternatively, specially cast lugs ready for fitting. We highly recommend considering your fitting site carefully, particularly if you are located in a coastal area where the post box may be subjected to additional salt content and moisture in the air. In this case, we recommend that you consider positioning your box beneath a porch or sheltered area.

  • Once you have determined a suitable location for your post box, you will first need to mark the installation site ready for drilling and plugging.
  • Once your rawl plugs are in place, position the box over the holes to be fixed in place securely. Normally, the box can be drilled or screwed into place by opening the door or letter flap.

Wall-Mounted Post Boxes

Note: You may find it easier if someone assists you by holding the box in place whilst you secure the fixings.

Built-In Post Boxes Installation


Our built-in post boxes have been designed to be implemented into a wall or column. The following information is a guide only and we do strongly recommend seeking the advice or assistance of a qualified builder or tradesperson to properly install a built-in post box.

Due to the nature of this kind of installation, we recommend that a cavity is only created or built once the post box has arrived. To ensure your new post box is the perfect fit, make sure that the wall cavity is only marginally bigger than the post box front and back box, if the post box features this.

Built-In Post Boxes

  • Carefully apply a small amount of sealant glue around the part of the box that will be concealed within the wall. Some tradespeople may actually apply cement for additional security.
  • Gently push the mailbox into the brickwork cavity. If you are installing a telescopic box, take care at this point to ensure both sides of the telescopic box meet and join.
  • With the post box now in position, it can be secured using masonry screws and rawl plugs or, for heavier post boxes, masonry rawl bolts.
  • The final stage, normally completed by a builder, is to apply mortar around the edges of the post box to ensure it appears to be a seamless part of the brick work. Please ensure any additional mortar is removed from the post box front upon finishing.

Built-In Post Boxes Installation

Note: If you are installing a telescopic post box, the two halves will need to be separated. We also advise applying some sealant at the join between the boxes to help prevent moisture damaging the contents. The above image details how a telescopic post box should be fitted within your brickwork.

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