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Post & Parcel Boxes Frequently Asked Questions

How will I collect my post?

All of our post boxes feature a door or flap at either the rear, front or top of the box, depending on design. Many of our post boxes feature a secure, lockable functionality supplied with two sets of keys. For further details, please see individual product descriptions.

Will parcels fit inside of my post box?

It depends on the size of the post box you are wanting to purchase and the size of the parcels you are wanting to fit inside of it. We have a range of post boxes that are specifically designed for post and smaller parcels. You can view our collection of parcel boxes here. We always advise double checking the dimensions of post boxes (including the size of the flap/post aperture) before purchasing to ensure that the size is suitable for you and your needs.

Parcel Vs. Post Boxes

Is my post box watertight?

We test our post boxes vigorously to ensure that each design is as watertight as possible. However, due to the nature of production, we cannot guarantee that any of our designs will be 100% watertight. For further advice about this, please contact our sales team.

How do I install my post box?

We offer a range of wall-mounted, free-standing and built-in post box designs. The installation of each depends entirely on the design and your personal preference. For example, our free-standing post boxes can be secured to the ground with screw fixings or cement for a more secure fitting, whilst our wall-mounted post boxes can be fitted directly to the wall or onto a pillar or stand. For exact installation advice, please see our installation guides here.

Wall-Mounted, Free-Standing & Built-In Post Boxes

Can I choose a custom colour for my post box?

If you have a different colour in mind to the ones showcased within our collection, we may be able to offer a custom colour service for you depending on your specifications. You will need to provide us with an RAL number and the post box design that you wish to purchase so our workshop can advise whether possible or not. Custom colours will incur an additional charge depending on the size of the post box and your desired colour.

Can your post boxes be personalised?

Yes, many of our post boxes can be personalised with your house name, number or even family name using our fusion adhesive letters or our complimentary, professional sign writing service. You can find out more about our post box personalisation services here.

Post Box Signwriting & Personalisation

Help, I’ve lost my keys! Can you supply new ones?

As each post box lock is different, we aren’t able to supply new keys for existing locks. We can, however, despatch a new lock along with new keys to be fitted in place of the existing one for most designs. The fitting of a new locking mechanism is relatively straightforward however, in some circumstances, it may be best done by a tradesperson. For more advice, please call our sales team.

Post & Parcel Box Collection

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