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Our Projects- The Spoon Gorilla

Spoon Gorilla

The idea for the Spoon Gorilla was formed after a challenge was created by magician and television personality, Uri Geller for Clive Knowles, Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre and Black Country Metal Works. Owner of a black Cadillac covered in 3,000 spoons; Geller challenged the Centre to create the largest sculpture made from spoons to rival his car.  With the challenged accepted, creation of the Spoon Gorilla started.

In order to create the sculpture, a public appeal was issued by the British Ironwork Centre.  The public was asked to donate spoons for the project and schools were targeted across the UK, where galvanised metal bins were provided by the British Ironwork Centre for pupils, teachers and family members to deposit their unwanted metal spoons. 


With the help of the BBC and BBC World News, the Great British Spoon Appeal spread internationally and people around the world were keen to play their part in the huge sculpture, donating spoons from areas such as China, Kenya and India, just to name a few. Originally estimated to only need a maximum of 5,00 spoons, the sculpture was created 18 months later with an astonishing 40,000 spoons.  

Created by the team here at the British Ironwork Centre under the supervision of local sculptor Alfie Bradley, the Spoon Gorilla was said to be a ‘protector of the children’ as it involved school children from the onset. Measuring over 12-foot-tall (3.6m) and weighing approximately three tonnes, the Spoon Gorilla was unveiled in May 2014 at the British Ironwork Centre.  

Spoon Gorilla in the MakingTHE SPOON GORILLA'S BIG REVEAL

Due to the media attention that the Spoon Gorilla had gained throughout its creation, the unveiling of the sculpture saw hundreds of VIP visitors from across the UK, including regional Ministers, Civil Leaders and Royalty.  Flying by helicopter from Kensington Palace with armed officers and secret service individuals, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent GCVO, a friend of Geller’s, unveiled the sculpture which sat covered by a bespoke Union Jack drape.  To mark the occasion and to follow royal etiquette, the national anthem was played before the event took place and flags flew in the summer sun. 


In 2015 the Spoon Gorilla took to the road and was moved to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital for 6 weeks, amazing visitors and the public of its creation and reaching as many children as possible, as the sculpture was intended to do.  The Spoon Gorilla later became a focal point in helping raise money for hospital charities.  Now returned to the Centre, it is undeniably a favourite attraction for all visitors. Why not plan your visit to see him today?

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