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Water Faucet Stand & Tap Installation

We supply a variety of different cast iron water faucet stand designs to suit a range of personal styles and tastes. Our water faucet stands are all supplied ready to be installed by a plumber or tradesperson. We always recommend not booking in a tradesperson until the item has been received and checked.

This demonstration explains the process of plumbing our "Pemberley" Garden Faucet Tap Stand, however a similar process of installation can be undertaken for all of our garden faucet stands. Please note that our water faucet stands DO NOT come supplied with a tap fitting or internal pipework unless otherwise stated. Please see individual product descriptions for further information. Our full range of garden taps can be viewed here.

Water Faucet Installation

Firstly, to demonstrate the internal workings of the faucet, we have removed the faucet roof by undoing the two fixing screws.

If you remove the top of the water tower, you will see a metal elbow joint as pictured to the right below. This elbow joint is used to connect the external tap and the elongated white pipe from inside the tower. Both of these components are pre-installed within our Pemberley design and will not need to be adjusted in any way.

It is important to take care when attaching a fitting to the pre-installed white pipe as this is glued and sealed in place. If this seal is damaged, leaks may occur.

Water Faucet Installation

On the outside of the water tower there will be a threaded hole. This is where the tap is to be fitted. In order to achieve a secure fit, we recommend the use of a fibre washer. The fitting that is required is a ½” size fitting. If not supplied with a tap, these can be found in any good hardware store.

This is fitted onto the top of the edge of the metal elbow fitting inside of the threaded hole.  The fibre washer should only be used once. The image to the right below shows a worn fibre washer which requires replacing. 

Water Faucet Installation

An ornamental or standard garden tap can then be screwed into the threaded hole on the outside of the water faucet. It is best to wrap the tap with PTFE tape to act as a sealant and to make it easier to the screw the tap in.

At the base of the faucet, you will find a section of white pipe, this white pipe should be joined with a ½” BSP connector.  Shown below is a plastic compression type. Alternative pipe connectors, in brass, may also be used.

Water Faucet Installation

Simply re-attach the lid of your stand and your new water faucet is now ready to be placed and connected to your chosen water source. 

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