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Weathervanes Care & Maintenance Guide

As our weathervanes are predominantly installed in outdoor locations, they will require regular care and maintenance to keep them in ‘like-new’ condition. The level and frequency of maintenance required will depend largely on the location in which the weathervane is placed. For example, weathervanes placed in close proximity to the coast may require more regular maintenance due to the salt content in the air and higher annual wind speeds. The same rule applies to heavily built-up areas due to additional pollution. However, as a general rule, we advise that maintenance is scheduled annually or as and when is required. As our weathervanes are crafted from a variety of metals, the maintenance required for each material will differ. We have compiled this guide to give you a general overview of weathervane protection but, for further information regarding a specific material, please refer to our ‘General Care & Maintenance Guide’

On installation of your weathervane, we advise using WD40 (available from most hardware stores) to provide an all-over oily coating in order to help preserve the overall finish of your piece. This procedure is particularly good for our copper weathervane range as it will help to keep its original shiny finish for longer. 

Cast Iron Weathervane Maintenance

Our traditional cast iron and hand-painted weathervanes are crafted from a combination of robust cast iron and high-quality steel. Cast iron is an incredibly robust material however, it is prone to cracking or breaking if dropped from a height or handled with force. Because of this, we advise handling your weathervane carefully when installing or manoeuvring.

Our weathervanes are supplied in a painted finish. If left untreated, both steel and iron will develop an aged patina over time. This ageing process will not affect the structural integrity of your product however, to protect your weathervane from corrosion and to keep the painted finish, we recommend annual repainting using any automotive or metal-based paint in matte black or any colour of your choice.

Copper Weathervane Maintenance

Our copper weathervanes have all been finished in an outer lacquer to protect the copper colour of the piece. However, when exposed to the outdoor elements, this lacquer will be broken down over time allowing the copper surface to be exposed to the outside air. Copper has a unique ageing process whereby it oxidises and gradually goes a deep blue-green colour. This process does not affect the structural integrity of the metal. To find out more about the oxidation process, please refer to our ‘Copper Ageing Guide’.

We generally only recommend purchasing copper weathervanes if you’re looking to achieve this colouration in the long-term, however the speed of the oxidisation process can be significantly reduced by regularly applying a fresh coat of yacht varnish to your piece. An annual re-varnish should be sufficient for most locations but, for coastal or urban areas, we recommend varnishing every six months. 

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