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Antique toilet roll holders

This is a collection of our very finest toilet roll holders and dispensers.

All beautifully hand made, and many are stunning replicas of old originals, rarely found today.

These wonderful reproductions are just perfect for renovation and refurbishments, or any setting where a period feel is required.

All our toilet roll holders are made from high grade metals and woods and are finished carefully to give an aged appearance.

The only thing you need to consider, is which lovely piece is the right one for you !! perfect.

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  1. The Victorian ”Mitchell” Toilet Roll Dispenser or Holder

    Part Number: BG100-a


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 107mm (4¼")
    Width: 154mm (6⅛")
    Depth: 140mm (5½")
    Weight: 715g

    The Victorian ”Mitchell” Toilet Roll Dispenser or Holder. We decided to give our grandest Victorian toilet roll holder the famous name of Mitchell, primarily because our design team could see a striking resemblance to the stunning Victorian Mitchell fishing reels which were in use during the same period, in history. The Mitchell, is quite an intricate design, with a choice of ways to load your favourite toilet roll. Faithfully reproduced to the original design, it is a handsome and weighty toilet roll holder that is quite splendid to use

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  2. “Isadora Hall” Cast Iron Toilet Roll Holder

    Part Number: BG529


    Dimensions (approx) 
    Height: 240mm (9.5″)
    Width: 210mm (8.3″)
    Depth: 85mm (3.3″)
    Weight: 580g

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  3. The Albert Toilet Roll Holder

    Part Number: BG102


    The Albert Toilet Roll HolderA delightful Victorian influenced loo roll holder, hand cast and finished in solid brass, available as a polished and lacquered brass or bright chrome version. Supplied complete with wooden reel holder.

    Height: 165mm (6½"), width: 130mm (5⅛"), projection: 20mm (¾") approx. Weight: 180g approx.

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  4. Sunrise Toilet Roll Holder

    Part Number: BG103-a


    Sunrise Toilet Roll Holder.A very pretty and unusual toilet roll holder, with a detailed filigree brass toilet roll cover and deep sides, that holds the toilet roll in place and prevents too much paper from being dispensed at any one time. The back of the toilet roll holder is arched in a typical semi circular sunrise design, which gives this lovely toilet roll holder its name. Cast in resplendent solid brass with hardwood reel holder, this is a most elegant piece of water closet history.

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  5. "Cecil" Toilet Roll Holder

    Part Number: BG108


    A real Edwardian classic, the "Cecil" Toilet Roll Holder is made from solid brass with a turned hardwood roll holder. The simple solid brass back plate depicts the name CECIL after the manufacturer, together with a small amount of pattern on either side. The toilet roll holder is suspended from matching finished brass or iron wire. Simple yet stylish. Available in Polished Brass, Bright Chrome or Natural Cast Iron finishes. Dimensions: Height: 216mm (8½"), width: 153mm (6"), thickness: 13mm (½"), reel holder: 107mm (4") wide, 28mm (1⅛") dia. approx. Weight: 250g approx.

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  6. Falcon Toilet Roll Holder

    Part Number: BG112-a

    This lovely, period style toilet roll holder, has been hand made in cast iron, with a stainless steel holder and wooden reel.

    The iron has been left with a natural finish, to lend age and authenticity.
    It depicts the wording “The Falcon Toilet Fixtures” as would its original counterpart.

    Gives a feel of real age and originality.

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 150mm (6’’)
    Width: 130mm (5’’)
    Weight: 134g

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  7. “King George” Antique Style Toilet Roll Holder

    Part Number: BG138


    Beautifully decorative this toilet roll holder is abundant in antique charm. Hand made in solid brass the roll holder has a wonderfully vintage finish and is also available in a rustic style chrome. 
    Simple yet elegant in detail this delightful bathroom essential has been adorned with the regal cipher of King George. The toilet roll holder has been pre-drilled for easy installation and is an ideal way to lend character and style to your bathroom or en-suite. 

    Dimensions (approx) : 
    Height: 155mm (6.1")
    Width: 135mm (5.3")
    Depth: 10mm (0.4")
    Weight: 180g

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  8. “Lady Elinor” Toilet roll holder

    Part Number: BG509-a


    This magnificent period Toilet Roll Holder, is a really special and unusual addition to our Period collection.

    Bold and Striking, with intricate floral detail, together with vines and leaves, this period toilet roll holder has been carefully hand cast in beautiful, high grade Iron, which has then been given an aged iron patina.

    The actual roll holder has been made from carefully turned wood, and finished with an aged “oak” coloured stain. 

    The result is a superb fitting that will be much admired and give years of stylish service.

    Dimensions approx:
    Height: 160mm
    Width of backplate: 135mm 
    Width of holder: 165mm
    Projection: 65mm
    Weight: 600g

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  9. “Royal Camelot" period Toilet roll Holder

    Part Number: BG510-a


    This is another, superb period toilet roll holder that really lends age and charm to its surroundings. Carefully hand cast in quality cast Iron, this period fitting has been given a wonderful antiqued patina, in sympathy with how it would have originally been finished. 

    With leaves and scrolls creating shape and texture, it has a lovely simple “crown like” edging across the top.

    This is another fascinating example of a captivating period toilet roll holder accessory.

    The actual roll holder has been made from carefully turned wood, and finished with an aged “oak” coloured stain. 

    The result is a superb fitting that will be much admired and give years of stylish service.

    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 210mm (8¼")
    Width: 170mm (6⅔")
    Depth: 88mm (3½")
    Weight: 650g

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  10. “Amorette” Vintage toilet roll holder

    Part Number: BG511


    This delightful toilet roll holder gets its name from the meaning “Little love”, and depicts a pretty, ornate heart, with bow and ribbon detail.

    It is hand made in wrought iron and finished in a vintage “Rustic” 
    A classic, waxed, wooden toilet roll holder completes the look. 

    Simply wonderful !!

    Height = 155mm
    Width = 175mm
    Projection = 95mm
    Weight = 550g

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