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Let's Bee Creative

By Seonaid McKay 8 days ago 231 Views No comments

Looking to jazz up your existing front door? Why not bee creative and add a simple touch of nature with one of our Bumblebee Door Knockers? The humble bumblebee is known to symbolise community, brightness, and personal power, and will bring good luck to your home for years to come.

Our Bumblebee Door Knockers are so lovely that it’s no surprise that they are one of our most popular products! With their charming details and robust design, these door knockers are the perfect way to create a buzz with your visitors.

Available in three different finishes, there is definitely a bumblebee here for everyone.

Shop our Polished Brass Bumblebee .

Shop our Antique Brass Bumblebee .

Shop our Bright Chrome Bumblebee.

Our Hap-BEE Customers

Emma has very kindly sent us her ‘before and after’ pictures of her front door modification featuring our Bright Chrome Bumblebee Door Knocker . We think it looks absolutely amazing!

Emma said, “I am so totally in love with my bumble bee door knocker! We have been in our house for almost six years and finally got round to giving our front door a new life! Our nickname is ‘The Bees’ so the perfect finishing touch is definitely our beautiful bee knocker.”

If you’ve got a door that has been completely transformed by one of our Bumblebees then please send in your pictures to our Facebook page. We’d love to see them.

BEE-rilliant Ideas

If you find yourself bumbling around for some door knocker inspiration, here is a selection of some of our favourite Bumblebee adorned doors.

This Antique Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker adds a rustic touch to this modern door, mirroring the period style of the rest of the build.

Shop the rest of our door knocker range here. We have a wonderful selection of classic and quirky designs to suit all styles!

Kadai Bowl Planters

By Seonaid McKay 10 days ago 101 Views No comments

Originating from India, Kadai bowls were originally used for cooking fragrant dishes for entire villages. Although still used for their traditional purpose in many countries, Kadai bowls are now also utilised for so much more than just cooking.

With their unique cupped shape and robust quality, Kadai bowls make the perfect receptacle for plants and herbs! We have used the Iron Kadai Fire Bowl to create this beautiful lavender garden.

Our Happy Customers!

By Seonaid McKay 21 days ago 14 Views No comments

Door Knockers

Emma has sent us before and after photos showing how her new Bright Chrome Bee Door Knocker was the cherry on the cake of her front door facelift.

Emma said, “I am so totally in love with my bumble bee door knocker! We have been in our house for almost six years and finally got round to giving our front door a new life! Our nickname is ‘The Bees’ so the perfect finishing touch is definitely our beautiful bee knocker.”

We’re glad you love your door knocker, Emma. What an amazing transformation!

Someone else who’s created curb appeal with a new knocker is Ian.

Ian was happy with his Polished Solid Brass Squirrel Door Knocker, especially because it goes so well with his letterbox.

We couldn’t agree more Ian; that’s one seriously smart front door!

Give your door a personality like Emma and Ian’s with one of our unusual door knockers.

Fire Companion Sets

David is all set for autumn with his stylish wood burner complemented by the "Maclerin" Stainless Steel and Leather Companion Set.

With a fireside like this to look forward to, who would mind the nights drawing in?

We love the Scandinavian-style bare wood, simple white walls, and contemporary accessories - very hyggelig, David!

Lesley also has us longing for winter evenings with her gorgeous fireplace.

Her new "Thorrum Grange" Companion Set with Log Holder looks fabulous alongside the contemporary lanterns on Lesley’s hearth.

Well done, Lesley! We love your seaside theme too.

Have David and Lesley inspired you to brighten up your fireplace? See if we have a fireside companion set to suit you.

Cottage Door Furniture

Paul has added some really nice period door fittings to his cottage door.

Traditional iron thumb and Suffolk latches give a home a quintessentially rustic feel and are very practical too.

Very cosy indeed, Paul!

Show your doors some love; we have door furniture to suit all styles and tastes.

Kitchen Pan Rack

Salvador is cooking up a storm of style in his kitchen with this rustic pan rack. His new pan rack hooks look superb and fits perfectly into this delightful mix of traditional and contemporary decor.

We'd love to come for tea, Salvador!

Need to get organised in your kitchen? A kitchen pot and pan rack could be the answer.

Tin Man Home Ornament

You’ve never seen the Tin Man like this before. Richard took this terrifically atmospheric shot of his "Woodsman" Metal Tin Man Sculpture.

You’d never guess this dramatically-lit imposing figure is a just big softie looking for a heart.

Full marks for creativity, Richard!

Looking for a statement piece like Richard? See our wide range of home ornaments.

Traditional Post Box

Geoffrey has installed an elegant Grosvenor Telescopic Post and Parcel Box. Set against this red brick wall, this sleek post box looks super-stylish.

You'll be your postie's favourite from now on, Geoffrey!

Has Geoffrey given you postbox envy? If so, we have all sorts of postboxes to choose from.

Garden Planter

Brian has made his Swan Planters a part of a wonderfully colourful display in his garden.

The beauty of planters, of course, is being able to change your blooms so you can have flowers all year round.

You've certainly brightened our day, Brian!

Make the most of your garden, like Brian, with a garden planter, urn or trough.

Garden Ornament

Corinne has found three little friends to perch near her lush, green bamboo.

Garden sculptures and ornaments are a great way to create a focal point in your garden.

This Birds Balancing Decoration is a feather in your cap, Corinne!

Garden Sundial

Maureen has also created a feature in her garden with her brass Morning Glory Sundial.

Mounting it on this attractive base sets it perfectly against the backdrop of greenery; notice the two statues peeking out at it.

With this sundial, you'll see your garden in a whole new light, Maureen!

Is there a place in your garden for an ancient timepiece? Take a look at the garden sundials we have on offer.

Decorative Air Brick

Jonathan tickled our funny bones with this photo.

Even decorative air vents aren’t the most exciting subjects for a photograph. But Jonathan was undaunted and went above and beyond to get a great shot - even if it meant getting a drenching into the bargain.

He told us, “It's hard to make a statement or good photo with something so small. However, my customer was so happy with her new vent; and I got soaked taking a selfie!!!!”

You've done your "Benbury" Cast Iron Air Brick proud, Jonathan!

Is there a place in your garden for an ancient timepiece? Take a look at the garden sundials we have on offer.

See More Customer Photos

Visit our Facebook page to see more photos people have been sharing with us. You'll find details of competitions and our latest news as well.

Beautifully Bespoke Iron Hanging Basket Brackets

By Seonaid McKay 21 days ago 16 Views No comments

The intricate detailing and hand crafted beauty of these brackets is simply astounding. The pair has been made by our onsite blacksmith within our interactive forge.

Paul has spent countless hours at the anvil shaping and beating the frame before welding the ornate scroll work arms to the robust iron fixing plate. An abundance of leaves has also been carefully spot welded to the finished bracket in a final flourish of decoration.

We are always captivated by the creations of our blacksmiths and sculptors but when we find an everyday essential such as these brackets, that are so lovingly crafted and striking in design, we’re reminded of just how creative our team can be.

Getting Hooked on Love in the Forge

By Seonaid McKay 21 days ago 10 Views No comments

We’re certainly feeling the heat in the forge in the run up to Valentine’s Day! Our blacksmith has been busily creating beautiful and heartfelt gifts ready for the big day including these charming heart shaped hooks, specially built for two!

A Patriotic Project for the Forge

By Seonaid McKay 21 days ago 12 Views No comments

We recently had a bespoke request in the forge that we really hadn’t come across before. In a show of patriotism the customers were looking to build a sense of their pride and passion in to their driveway with two Welsh dragons.

27 Jul 2018 10:50:02

The blacksmiths set to work on the classic design of this iconic symbol, each silhouette was created from laser cut steel and finished by hand in the essential Welsh red. A robust ground spike was fitted to the rear of each decoration, ready to be cemented in place.

We were thrilled to receive these photos from our happy customers with the dragons looking even more magnificent now they have been installed.

27 Jul 2018 10:51:05

Blacksmith Candelabra with a Difference

By Seonaid McKay 21 days ago 15 Views No comments

This entirely unique candelabrum has been crafted by one of our talented blacksmiths, Marc. The spiral-like candle holder draws inspiration from the winding staircases of churches and grand cathedrals.

The project was commissioned by St Giles’ Church in Shrewsbury to hold a great number of tea lights for all and any visitors. We think it looks incredible and is a credit to the classic metalworking skills of our talented artisans; it’ll certainly turn a few heads at Sunday mass!

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