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Often described as the most social place within any home, the kitchen is where many of us spend a fair bit of time on a day-to-day basis. From quick morning breakfasts before work and regular tea and coffee top-ups all the way to full-blown dinners and midnight snack runs, we all use our kitchens for something so why not stock yours up with all of the style essentials? Apart from the obvious pots, pans, crockery, and cutlery, there are plenty of other bits and bobs that every kitchen requires to function at its absolute best.

Luckily for you, we have taken the stress out of research and compiled this list of the top 21 kitchen essentials that every well-stocked kitchen needs. So, whether you are a new homeowner or just someone looking to refresh their existing kitchen space, this comprehensive list will certainly offer a little something for any kitchen user out there! View our entire range of kitchenware and accessories here.

1.) A cast iron kettle or teapot – perfect for keeping your brew hotter for longer, these teapots are not only stylish but are also highly practical! Plus, they are a great way to impress your guests and visitors when they pop round for a cuppa.

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2.) An egg holder or basket – an absolute must-have for those who love to get their daily quota of protein, an egg holder is a lovely way to keep all your eggs in one basket (literally).

3.) A cookbook stand – ideal for those that love to cook up a storm, a recipe book holder is the perfect way to keep your cookbooks propped up without the risk of getting food all over them!

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Cast Iron Egg Holder; Blue Cast Iron Cookbook Stand; Vintage Cream Chicken Egg Holder; Ornate Cream Cookbook Stand

4.) A kitchen roll holder – keep your handy kitchen roll and napkins at an arm’s reach for those moments when things start to get a little messy!

5.) Salt and pepper shakers – because we all know that seasoning is the most important part of any good dish.

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6.) A pots and pan hanging rack – ideal for keeping all of your pots and pans in one handy place, a hanging rack is also perfect for keeping your cupboards free for storing other bits and bobs.

7.) A fruit bowl – for that constant reminder to always eat your five-a-day! Plus, fruit bowls add an instant pop of colour when filled with seasonal produce.

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Simplistic Pan Holder & Rack; Wood Effect Fruit Bowl; Hanging Saucepan Rack; Cream Floral Fruit Bowl

8.) A vegetable rack or basket – to help keep your veggies fresher for longer, vegetable racks and baskets are also an amazing storage solution for smaller kitchens.

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9.) A quirky retro enamel sign – ideal for adding a touch of personality and character to any kitchen setting.

10.) A flower holder or vase – a lovely way to bring the outdoors in throughout all months of the year, simply fill will fresh flowers to add an instant pop of colour to your kitchen!

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Kitchen Rules Enamel Sign; Industrial Double Flower Vase; Butcher’s Choice Enamel Sign; Industrial Style Flower Holder

11.) A heavy-duty trivet – designed to keep your surfaces safe from hot pots and pans, kitchen trivets are also a simple way to add style to your counter-tops.

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12.) A cake stand – a must-have for those celebratory moments throughout the year, a cake stand also makes a lovely tabletop display piece when dressed with fruit or cakes.

13.) A mug tree or cup holder – keep all of your cups and mugs in one place whilst simultaneously freeing up cabinet and counter space.

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Red Cast Iron Mug Tree; White Tabletop Cake Stand; Coffee Cup Holder; Square Tiered Cake Stand

14.) Wall mounted storage hooks – perfect for keeping your kitchen towels and cloths at arm’s reach, wall hooks can also be used for storing cups, pot, pans, and even chopping boards!

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15.) A wine rack – keep all of your favourite wine bottles and tipples in one place whilst adding a touch of style to your counter-tops or floor space.

16.) A bottle opener – this one is a no-brainer really, especially for those homes that love to entertain through all seasons of the year.

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Antique Nickel Wine Rack; Iron Bottle Opener; Free-Standing Wine Rack; Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

17.) Bar stools – if you’re lucky enough to have an island or breakfast bar within your kitchen space, a set of sturdy bar stools is an absolute must!

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18.) A wooden spoon holder – for those avid home cooks and self-proclaimed chefs out there, a wooden spoon holder is the perfect way to keep your surfaces free from food mess whilst cooking.

19.) A quirky serving tray or platter – ideal for wow-ing your party guests and visitors, a quirky serving tray is a lovely way to serve up snacks and treats during a dinner party or get-together.

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Cream Wooden Spoon Holder; Floral Serving Tray; Green Spoon Rest; Butterfly Serving Platter

20.) Storage tins – you can never have too many storage choices when it comes to an organised kitchen, which is why storage tins are a wonderful way to keep all of your food stored safely away.

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21.) A wall clock – when it comes to cooking, timing is incredibly important! A wall clock offers both style and a solution for keeping track of the time throughout those moments spent slaving away in the kitchen.

Pictured From Left to Right (Clockwise): Love Coffee Vintage Wall Clock; Retro Red Wall Clock; Round Wood & Metal Wall Clock; Iron Framed Station Wall Clock

Please note that this list is based upon our company opinion only and is by no means an exhaustive or extensive list of kitchen essentials. With that being said, we hope that you found something useful for you in the list above! For further advice and inspiration, feel free to get in touch with us on or 0800 6888 386.

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