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Door Knockers Frequently Asked Questions

Designed to add both style and practicality to any exterior door setting, our collection of door knockers is home to a HUGE variety of designs and styles to suit any tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for something traditional to add period charm to your property, something stylish and modern, or something entirely quirky and unique, we’ve got it all. With so much to choose from, we have created this handy guide to help you find, and safely install, the perfect door knocker for you!

Please be aware that the below advice is intended as guidance only. We always recommend seeking the assistance of a qualified professional for any installation project. If in doubt, or for further advice, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 6888 386.

What are your door knockers made from?

Our door knockers are crafted from a variety of high-quality metals including cast iron and solid brass. Once crafted, our door knockers are then hand finished in either midnight black, polished brass, pewter, bright chrome, or antique brass. For further information about the material and finish of a particular design, please see individual product descriptions.

Door Knocker Finishes

Do your door knockers come with striker buttons?

Unless otherwise stated, many of our door knockers do come complete with a striker plate or button. These are often fixed separately from the knocker themselves and are designed to protect your door during door knocker use. For further information about whether or not a striker button or plate is supplied with a particular design, please see individual product descriptions.

Do your door knockers come with all necessary fixings?

Yes, all of our door knockers (unless otherwise stated) come complete with all necessary fixings for ease of installation. Supplied fixings include a nylon bolt and brass nuts. Any additional fixings required for your specific door will need to be sourced from a local hardware store.

Are your door knockers suitable for UPVC or composite doors?

Unless otherwise stated, our door knockers are suitable for wood, UPVC, and composite door fixing. For UPVC or composite doors, we would recommend checking with the manufacturer of your door prior to fitting your door knocker as this may affect the warranty.

Where should my door knocker go?

It’s entirely up to you and the style of door that you have! Many people choose to fit their door knockers within the centre of their doors. This works well for solid wood or UPVC and composite doors with a central panel. However, if your door is fitted with windows that prevent a central fixing, fitting your door knocker elsewhere on the door is also an option. Wherever you choose to place your door knocker, we would always recommend ensuring that it is fitted to the door itself as this will resonate the most sound when in use.

Door Knocker Fittings

How do I install my door knocker?

All of our door knockers are designed for rear/through fixing. To install your door knocker, please refer to our ‘Door Knocker Installation Guidehere. If in doubt over the installation of your door knocker or over the suitably of your door, please seek the advice of a professional tradesperson.

Will my door knocker age over time?

Yes, if left untreated your door knocker will age over time. As door knockers are predominantly designed for outdoor placement, they will typically require yearly maintenance as and when needed. We would recommend regularly checking your door knocker for rust or corrosion and re-applying a protective layer of paint, varnish, or lacquer depending on the material and finish of your piece. Door knockers placed within coastal areas will require more regular maintenance due to the higher salt content in the air. For further care and maintenance advice for all materials, please refer to our ‘General Care & Maintenance Guidehere.

Door Knockers Collection

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