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Wood Burners, Chimineas & Kadai Bowls FAQs

Ahh the great outdoors! Sun, fresh air and a light breeze, what more could you want? Here at Black Country Metal Works, we are all about outdoor living and we want to help you make the right choice to make your outside space and experience that little bit more memorable. So, you’re thinking about a wood burner but can’t decide which one? Wood burners are an ideal focal point in any garden, so whether you are looking to keep your feet warm, roast some marshmallows or simply cook some food, our large collection of burners will keep you staying outside for longer, even in the winter months. With so many styles and sizes to choose from it is important that you choose the right one for your garden space. Each burner has its own capabilities, uses, and characteristics dependant on how you are going to use it, so this guide should help you to find the perfect one for you.

What is the difference between a wood burner, kadai bowl, and chimenea?

Chimeneas come in a huge variety of attractive designs, from the more traditional designs to those which have a more modern and futuristic feel to them. Traditionally found with a dome shaped body, opening at the front, and a chimney which directs smoke upwards away from you and your guests, chimeneas help draw air to the fire, ensuring a clean and efficient burn.

Wood or log burners are a fantastic way to add warmth and style to any outdoor area and will often become the focal point of any gathering. With 360 degree views of the burner, you and your visitors will become entranced with the cracking flames inside. Often supplied or available with an optional ash pan or log holder, these burners make for any easy and efficient clean up.

Finally, Kadai Bowls (from India) are the most versatile of the three options. Created by hand and inspired by authentic Indian cooking apparatust, the bowl-shaped design allows heat to be delivered out of all sides, keeping you and your guests warm even when the cold nights start to draw in.  

Chimenea, Log Burner and Kadai Bowl

How do I care for my burner? 

Specific care and maintenance will differ depending on the materials that your burner has been created from. Particular care and attention should be taken when children and pets are in the surrounding area.  Please see our Fire Burners Maintenance Guide and our Care & Safety Guide for more detailed information. 

Are there any burner regulations?

Yes, there are burner regulations which are dependent on the type of fuel which can be burned, the design of the burner, and the frequency it can be used. Before investing in a burner, please check if you are in a designated smoke control area as this will limit you.

Can I cook on my wood burner?

We recommend only cooking with those items described as "Food Safe".   

What Fuel should I use?

We recommend the use of seasoned logs only, unless otherwise specified. 


Do these fire bowls come with a stand?

Many of our original Kadai Bowls, unless otherwise stated, do come complete with their own removable stand. Other designs within our wood burner collection, such as chimeneas, also come complete with an integral stand. For further information about whether or not a particular design features a stand, please see individual product descriptions. 

Wood Burners Collection

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