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Our Projects- The Knife Angel

Following the success of the larger-than-life Spoon Gorilla, we wanted to create something that would not only address an important national issue, but would also help to raise awareness all across the UK and the world. The idea for the Knife Angel came to our Chairman, Clive Knowles, when he noticed how prominent knife crime was within our media and how severe the statistics were becoming.

The importance of helping to bring light to the epidemic of violence and aggression facing our nation came to the forefront of our attention and, through this, the concept of the Knife Angel was born.

The idea was discussed with artist, Alfie Bradley, to create a sculpture entirely out of knives – he was more than happy to do it but needed hundreds and hundreds of knives to complete the piece. We contacted the Home Office to ask for their permission to get all 43 UK Police Forces involved in the collection of surrendered knives and were successfully given the go-ahead. This is when the project truly began.  

The Knife Angel


We began the creation of over 200 knife banks which were given to police forces all across the UK, completely free-of-charge. These knife banks not only helped to collect knives for the Knife Angel sculpture, but also helped to take thousands of knives off the streets of Britain and raise better awareness about the negative effects of knife crime.

Once enough knives were collected, they were all safely transported to our Shropshire-based Centre through the help of West Mercia Police. Alfie began the process of sorting through and sterilising all of the knives, some of which arrived in evidence packaging still sullied with traces of blood.

The Knife Angel’s base structure was created from steel sheeting, allowing Alfie to individually weld all 100,000+ blades to the structure. From kitchen knives to martial arts weapons to homemade pieces, the number of weapons that came through our doors and into the studio was simply astounding and made the Angel’s creation all the more important.

Knife Angel in the Making

Each strategically placed to create a feathered effect, many of the blades used to create the Angel’s wing were inscribed with heartfelt messages from families to their lost loved ones. Others were inscribed with messages of disbelief over the horror of knife violence, and some were even inscribed by ex-offenders with messages of regret, sympathy and forgiveness.

The full construction of the Angel took just over two years – a challenging journey that was incredibly rewarding not only for ourselves and Alfie, but for the entirety of the nation and everyone directly or indirectly affected by knife crime and violence. 


In December of 2018, the Knife Angel began its UK Tour in the city of Liverpool, where it stood proudly outside of Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. It has since travelled to Hull, Coventry, Birmingham, Middlesbrough and many other cities throughout the UK. 

Knife Angel on Tour

Since before its conception, it was always intended for the Knife Angel to represent far more than just a national symbol against violence and aggression. We wanted it to not only stand as a memorial for those lives lost to a blade, but to also educate the nation and the world about knife crime and the negative effects that it has on the perpetrator, the victim and their family, and the community around them.

Under the ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’ campaign, the Knife Angel exists as a spearhead for change to ensure that a better focus is placed on early intervention and appropriate education for all youth throughout the UK.

Throughout its tour, each hosting location is required to use the Angel as a point of tuition to educate their youth and raise better awareness of knife crime. Through various workshops and programmes designed by each location, this has proved very successful so far and it has been truly exciting for us to watch the Angel make the difference that it was always intended for. 

Knife Angel Education

The Angel is now on a permanent, intermittent tour across the country and will be occasionally coming back to our Centre for pit-stops to allow our visitor’s the chance to see it in its birthplace, and to give us the chance to give it any necessary TLC. If you would like to see the Knife Angel for yourself, you can view its full touring schedule here

Our Projects
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