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Meet The Team

Martine Grieve - Trade Sales Manager

Martine GrieveIt’s my job to coordinate the overall day-to-day running of our trade sales team. I look after all of our loyal trade customers, as well as overseeing the care of new customers and enquiries. I place all of the orders on to our system and process the invoices. I also assist with credit control.

Also, meet Oscar, the newest member of my family.

Samantha Pittman - Trade Purchasing Manager

Samantha PittmanI am responsible for maintaining the stock levels for our fantastic product range to ensure that our customers are always left happy through good delivery times and by receiving quality products. I currently oversee over 5000 lines and we are constantly expanding to stay at ahead of and meet customers needs.

Matt Wood - Trade Sales

Matt WoodI ensure the continued growth of our trade databases, updating them daily to help our company reach new, broader markets. I also work hard to keep our new trade website up to date and accurate with offers and new lines, as well as building strong relationships with our clients and contributing to trade sales.

Bruce Pittman - Accounts Manager

Bruce PittmanHi, my role is looking after our accounts department, and ensuring all things financial are kept running smoothly. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding your payments or if you like any account information.‏

Gary Payne - Accounts Supervisor

Gary PayneI help Bruce in Accounts, credit control and general office support. My role for the company is the running of the sales ledger and general accounts duties.I also run the credit control for the company making sure all accounts are kept up to date. Much of my time is also dealing with Our ordering system. Agreeing Credit Limits and Processing Credit Applications.General Accounts Enquiries, Accounts Administration.‏

Claire Savage - Purchase Ledger

Claire SavageIt’s my responsibility to run our purchase ledger system, to ensure we are always responsible and efficient partners to our suppliers. Of course it’s our aim to pay everyone on time, however we are subject to the same cash flow issues as all other growing and expanding Companies, so whilst my aim is to process all payments quickly and within the allotted credit term, I’ve also governed by our customer payments and our credit control efficiency’s. All told I will always ensure clear and honest answers are available, on request. All our suppliers are long standing, our policy on supply is centred around buying locally and supporting British manufactures.‏

Joanne Jones - Graphic Designer

Joanne JonesHi, my role is to redesign and update our website with new offers and promotions, as they arise. I design all the brochures and literature that is sent out to our customers, and I ensure that products are shown clearly and that pictures are easy to understand.I also ensure we are always reflected well and regularly in the Media , dealing with all Press releases to Editors from Trade Magazines, publications and Newspapers.‏

Tim Mitchell - Media Team (Video and Photography)

Tim MitchellI work exclusively to ensure each product we produce and sell, is photographed to highlight each detail and give an accurate idea of the beauty of each of our products. This includes understanding how each product should function in order to give a precise reflection of the intended use. As well as this I endeavour to make each photograph understandable for the customer tohelp guarantee a happy sale.‏

David Edwards - Project Analyst

David EdwardsMy role is developing and actively pursuing progress with certain key projects. My background is Administration and IT, with further experience in hospitality and catering . It’s my hope to Pursue a career with BCMW and THE BRITISH IRONWORK CENTRE. Especially with their expansion plans being so ambitious, there are lots of opportunities within the organisation I can pursue‏

Jamie Brownfield - Website/IT Support

Jamie BrownfieldMaintaining our network of websites, by constantly updating with our new products, new photography and improving these sites for customer usability. I also support the busy office regarding any IT/Web Issues that may arise.‏

Tim Richardson - Website/IT Support

Tim RichardsonMaintaining our network of websites, by constantly updating with our new products, new photography and improving these sites for customer usability. I also support the busy office regarding any IT/Web Issues that may arise.‏

Tracy Knowles - Website Development and Quality Control

Tracy KnowlesI am responsible for checking the quality of our goods and ensuring they are described correctly and thoroughly on the Website. I work constantly on website text and end user information.‏

Jonny Monk - Ecommerce Channel Manager

Jonny MonkAs our Ecommerce Channel Manager, I ensure our internal and external systems are working in sync and that we’re maximising the potential of each online avenue. I’m also responsible for the research, development and implementation of new systems which allow us to streamline our activities in the ‘never ending quest’ to provide a faster, smoother and more enjoyable experience for our customers!‏

Christian Nikolov - Stock Inventory Specialist

Christian NikolovI am responsible for moving the company into the 21st century with the latest intergrated software system, to ensure our order processing snf warehouse teams are as efficient as possible in processing orders. My further concern is system efficiencies in moving and storing all our product lines.‏

Rachel Wildman - Copy Writer and Social Media (Receptionist)

Rachel WildmanI help to ensure the quality of our website content, making sure our products are entertainingly and thoroughly described. I continuously work to update products and the website.‏

Amie Dean - Office Administrator

Amie Dean‏My directive is administration and to ensure we deal and process all orders and enquiries accurately. I’ve additional responsibilities in connection with French customers and accounts, with all communication coming directly to my desk. My ambition is to learn as much from the company as possible. Being in a very high energy atmosphere is exciting and my time flies.

Ashley Edwards - Office Administrator

Ashley EdwardsI’ve responsibilities in office processing, specialising in data base projects. My personal preference is in depth analytics. I enjoy a mix of customer facing duties as well as more focused detached work.‏

Zac Jones - Warehouse/Stock Team

Zac Jones

Bobbie Phillips - Packing Room Supervisor

Bobbie PhillipsI’ve joined the company to strengthen the speed and efficiency, of our order preparation and despatch department. I aim to gain sufficient experience within this department and to obtain my own set of responsibilities, thereafter furthering my career within BCMW. I hope soon to take advantage of the many training schemes available within BCMW, forklift license to mention one.‏

Peter Lloyd - Packing Department and Warehouse

Peter Lloyd‏Presently, I am the latest member of the team, I am keen to build a career here. I’d love to utilise my qualifications and university degree to involve myself further within this fast moving business. Watch this space, my career is only just starting.

Matthew Coulson - Stock and Product Control

Matthew Coulson‏My duties include packing and handling your orders. Ensuring that I do this in an efficient and timely manner to avoid late deliveries.

Vanessa Marshall - Export Manager

Vanessa MarshallI’m responsible for developing export sales to France and Spain.‏

Neil Grieve - Warehouse Manager

Neil GrieveHi, my duties include overseeing the day-to-day running of our warehouse and the careful picking, packing, checking and handling of all of your orders and requirements, ultimately ensuring that these are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. I am also responsible for the setting up of our trade and retail stands at exhibitions and shows around the country and abroad.

Steve Taylor - Warehouse/Goods In

Steve TaylorDuties include the booking in of all goods arriving. Ensuring that the stock is put away in the correct pick areas once production has been completed and that the warehouse floor is kept clean and tidy from stock.

Phil Lane - Drawing Office

Phil LaneMy duties involve preparing technical drawings of new and existing products for customer approval and workshop use. I have over 40 years experience in Draftsmanship and commercial art.Unfortunately Phil has sadly passed away, but we feel his work and imput is still very much part of what we do today. We have left this profile active as a mark of respect to him and the time he served with us.

Benjamin Knowles - Operations Director

Benjamin KnowlesI’m responsible for the operational side of the business, ensuring we’re moving towards our goals and aspirations. I enjoy spending as much time as possible speaking with our customers and providing support, if you would like to speak with me directly, please feel free to do so! My other passions include marketing and design which I’ll do during any free time I might have.‏

Clive Knowles - Chairman and Founder

Clive KnowlesOur interests in running this business are of course to ensure our customers are cared for, that they would always wish to return, and that together we gain a mutual benefit in the long term. However, we have little or no interest in following the more corporate route of chasing sales or increasing profitability at any cost. We always prefer to operate within a more conscious based ethos. This means we effectively make decisions based on the good of all involved, our Customer, our community, our nation and all of the staff working here. It may sound a little reminiscent of the kibbutz concept, but we know that by taking a very proactive stance on all the elements in running our business we can achieve and enrich many goals simultaneously benefiting so many more than just ourselves.

Eric Schubert - Former Chairman and Inspirational Leader

Eric SchubertEric is the knowledge, the conscience, and the ultimate “metal guru” here at Black Country Metalworks. Although retired and no longer at the helm every day, we still look to Eric for guidance, help, and resolve. Eric would be the first to admit he can be very pig-headed when it comes to delivering the best in what we design and produce. We like to think we are continuing to carry his principles forward in creating products that he is proud to give his valued endorsement to. Eric has over fifty-years experience in everything to do with metalwork, from sheet metal working and panel beating to turning, spinning and fabrication.‏

Matt Oliver - Engineering and Machine Shop

Matt OliverMy role within the company is workshop and manufacturing-based. I’ve undertaken an extended apprenticeship in blacksmithing and machine shop work. My aim is to offer the Workshop here additional strengths in lathe work and in general machinist procedures. I will be assisting in the blacksmithing courses and lectures days that we hope to offer later this year. I have a great interest in all practical aspects of manufacturing. See me in action

William Mervyn Jones - Managing Paint and Finishing Shop

William Mervyn JonesI look after all the daily production runs and ensuring quality is maintained. This normally includes inspection, organising remedial works etc. My expertise is very broad and very able to tackle most projects comfortably.‏

Wayne Sadler - Garrick Works Supervisor

Wayne SadlerI look after the supervision of Garrick works, and all of the day to day tasks and activities. The entire site is under my sole responsibility, ultimately I ensure the smooth running of it. This includes maintenance and security.I have worked for the company for the last 3 years and have previously been a sub-contractor for the last 10 years.

Sarah Lancaster - Sculptuire Park Design & Maintenance

Sarah Lancaster

Adrian Clarke - Grounds Maintenance/Sculpture Park Development

Adrian Clarke

Adam Coles - Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping

Adam ColesMy responsibilities are keeping the grounds and sculpture park in beautiful order. With over 20 acres of manicured lawns and gardens and being Shropshire’s premier sculpture park, the importance of high presentation is of the utmost priority.

Adrian Coldicott - Retail Support Team

Adrian ColdicottI have worked for the company for over 25 years. I am involved with all special product ranges that are produced and supplied by Black Country Metalworks to bespoke customers. It is my job to ensure the right product reaches the right customer and on time. Essentially, I am responsible for unique products, designed and finished specifically for individual clients.

Kenny Anthonisz - Customer Service

Kenny AnthoniszMy responsibilities surround customer service. It is my directive to ensure each customer is satisfied. We base every decision on a long term strategy. My MD is only focused on longetivity; he always advocates taking the most responsible and ethical roots, having 99% of decisions all with me. Of course, holding and managing such a huge range, there are lots of issues, so the days pass extremely quickly. Health and safety is my second occupation all matters referring health and safety are directed to me.‏

Carol Yarwood - Showroom Supervisor

Carol Yarwood

Emma Parry - Showroom and Display (Artistic/Drama and Events)

Emma ParryI am responsible for the Showroom and outside display area, this is no mean task. Its four-acres of outdoor display and a showroom that actually is, without question, the largest display of decorative ironwork in the UK. My career history surrounds Merchandising and display, creating exciting and visually inspired retail experiences. However my role here at Black Country metal works is really drawing on all my experience and imagination. I’m solely accountable for ensuring, every customer feels the WOW factor on arrival and Feeling they’ve witnessed something unique , after leaving. My ultimate compliment will be everyone telling friends and family about our creation and advising them to visit too.‏

Kim Sulway - Showroom Assistant

Kim Sulway

Jason Southern - Showroom Assistant

Jason Southern

Rachel Richardson - Showroom Assistant

Rachel Richardson

Jacquelyn Green - Showroom Assistant

Jacquelyn Green

Keiran Hannaby-Burgoyne - Showroom Assistant

Keiran Hannaby-Burgoyne

Helen Owen - Hygiene Supervisor

Helen Owen

David Higman - Tourism Advisor

David Higman

Kenton Owen - Meeter and Greeter

Kenton Owen

Andy Cooke - Falconry

Andy Cooke

Matt Baker - Sculptor

Matt Baker

Jeremy Schrecker - Sculptor

Jeremy Schrecker‏I’m a full time sculptor. My involvement with BCMW and The British Ironwork centre is very exciting. To date we have been working on several public works of art and we’ve lots of enquiries for bespoke work all across the UK. While I’m independent and have my own workshop, I very much like working with BIC on their site, as they do have some very challenging projects. My strength is bronze castings but I also work in iron and other materials. Presently I’m working with Clive on several iron sculptures for the Oswestry urban safari trail. I will be helping BIC with their further educational courses in sculpting and casting

Alfie Bradley - Sculptor

Alfie Bradley‏While I was born in the UK, I’ve lived in France for the last 20 years. When meeting the British Ironworks Centre my forte was sculpturing from stone, a completely different medium to metal, however, I’ve taken to sculpturing in iron and steel like a duck to water. To date I’ve completed my first commission that now resides in the House of Commons and shared with the reception area at Deffra. Now I’ve lots of ideas and assignments in hand including creating a huge Gorilla from used spoons that will be sited on the banks of the River Thames. It's 12ft high and will be in the Guinness Book of Records once completed. Following in hot pursuit is a Bust of an elephant destined for an event at Claridges Hotel, London for the world charity TUSK. I am hoping to meet Prince William as he’s the Patron. Other projects relate to a sculpture of a modern day serving soldier with a disability for the military solider charity, the Pilgrim Trust, all of which are equally testing and interesting to accept.

Joe Bailey - Sculptor and Pattern Designer

Joe Bailey‏Joe is probably one of the finest sculptors in the UK and ironically probably won’t be heralded for his unique talent until he’s left this mortal coil. Joe is responsible for the life like resemblances reflected in most of our work.

William Rogers - Blacksmith

William Rogers

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