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Wall Lanterns & Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Our outdoor wall lanterns collection features a huge selection of designs to suit almost any style and porch or outdoor location. From traditional bracketed Victorian lanterns to contemporary flush-fix wall lights in a variety of different finishes, we really do offer something for every kind of property out there. With so many styles to choose from, finding the perfect luminaire for your home or premises may seem like a mammoth task but we’ve put together this useful guide to help you to find your perfect match. Whether you’re in need of some extra security or you simply want to create a feature out of your entrance way, we’ve answered all of your most frequently asked questions to help you make the right decision. We’ve even included a handy ‘Jargon Explained’ section to help you wrap your head around some of the more complex lighting terms.

Please note that the information provided on this page is subject to modification depending on your individual circumstances. We always recommend the use of a qualified electrician for installation and testing. If in doubt, or for further advice, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 6888 386.

What is the difference between a wall light and a wall lantern? 

We tend to refer to our more modern and contemporary designs as ‘wall lights’ and our more ornate and period-inspired designs as ‘wall lanterns’. Therefore, the only real difference between the two is aesthetic and design style. Both are designed to be wall mounted and both function in the same way - to provide your property with ample illumination and added style for many years to come.

Wall Lights & Wall Lanterns

Do your wall lanterns come with fixings?

Unless otherwise stated within the product description, our wall lights and lanterns come supplied with all necessary fixings. This is to ensure safe and hassle-free installation. Certain bracketed designs will not come complete with bracket fixings as these are specific to the wall or space on which you wish to have your light installed. For these designs, we recommend seeking the advice of a qualified tradesperson, who will assess the structural integrity of your chosen location and advise the specific fixings required for your design.

Are your wall lanterns supplied with wiring? 

Unless otherwise stated within an individual product’s description, most of our wall lights or lanterns are supplied unwired. As with all of our lighting products, we recommend seeking the skills and knowledge of a qualified electrician to install your lights. Please note that, with some of our designs, your tradesperson may make product adaptations where necessary in order to qualify and certify it.

Do your wall lanterns come with bulb holders? 

Yes! Unless otherwise stated, our wall lanterns come complete with all necessary bulb holders. The supplied bulb holders are normally your standard Edison screw (E27 or E14) style although we can supply bayonet holders (B22) for some of our designs (upon request). Please refer to the individual product description to find out more about the type of holders supplied and the bulbs required.

Do your wall lanterns come with bulbs?

Our wall lights and lanterns do not come supplied with bulbs, unless otherwise stated. Many of our designs are suitable for use with a standard E27 bulb. However, to find out more about a specific product’s bulb requirements, please refer to the technical specification in the product description. Upon request, we can supply you with a ‘Dusk till Dawn’ bulb which is suitable for many of our larger outdoor lantern designs.

Are your outdoor wall lanterns suitable for indoor settings?

Absolutely! Although specifically designed for outdoor placement, our luminaires, unless otherwise stated, are suitable for indoor placement. Some of our smaller and more compact designs, such as the lights featured within our ‘Urban & City’ collection, look particularly good in lounge settings, whilst some of our larger designs look great within entrance halls or more commercial spaces. You can view our full collection of interior lights here. Please note that these lights are specifically designed for interior placement and would not be suitable for outdoor installation.

Indoor Wall Lights

How do I care for my wall lantern?

Care and maintenance will differ depending on the material that your wall light or lantern has been crafted from. In order to properly care for your luminaire, please refer to your product’s individual product description to find out what it has been made from before using our ‘Lamp Posts & Lanterns General Maintenance’ guide. If the material you’re looking to care for isn’t featured here, please refer to our ‘General Care & Maintenance’ guide. If in doubt, feel free to give us a call on 0800 6888 386 for further advice.

Generally, most lanterns will require annual maintenance and a routine electrical inspection annually.  All electrical installations should be tested and an ‘Electrical Installation Certificate’ should be provided by the electrician.  Please ensure that this certificate is retained.  

Are your wall lanterns suitable for coastal locations?

Many of our outdoor wall lanterns will require additional care and maintenance if placed in close proximity to the sea. This is due to the salt content in the air, which tends to accelerate the ageing process of most metals. However, some of the lights within our ‘Nautical & Bulkhead’ collection have been specifically designed for coastal placement. Please refer to individual product descriptions to find out more about a particular item’s coastal suitability. For advice over care and maintenance, please refer to our ‘General Care & Maintenance’ guide.

Do your wall lanterns come with sensors?

Some of them do! If you're specifically looking for a wall lantern with a sensor, you can browse our ‘PIR Sensor & Security’ collection here. All lights within this collection come complete with a pre-fitted sensor designed to be activated through heat and movement, ideal for properties seeking additional security or hassle-free illumination during the darker moments of the day. 

There’s too much choice! What kind of wall lantern or light should I go for?

The kind of outdoor lantern or light that you choose is entirely dependent on personal taste, the style of your home, and the location in which you plan to have it installed. For smaller properties such as apartments or townhouses, the more compact designs within our ‘Urban & City’ collection may be perfect for you. For bigger properties looking to create a grand entrance and ample outward light projection, the larger designs within our ‘Victorian’ and ‘Gothic & Medieval’ collections will do just the trick. For homes seeking a modern touch, our ‘Modern & Contemporary’ collection offers something unique for every style. If you’re looking to add additional security to your property, our ‘PIR Sensor & Security’ collection houses a number of lights designed to be activated through heat and movement. 

Modern, Traditional & PIR Sensor Wall Lanterns

In terms of wall lantern designs and placement, our bracketed styles are ideal for placing beside or above a door or entryway. Our flush-fix wall lights are perfect for placement on porch columns or at both sides of an entrance. And, the lights within our ‘Downlighters & Uplighters’ collection are perfect for placement above or below an outdoor area that you wish to illuminate. If you require any further advice over which lights to choose, feel free to give us a call on 0800 6888 386 to discuss further.


Flush: A flush or flush-fix wall light has been specifically designed to sit flat against your chosen wall surface. These lights are not bracketed and will sit level with your wall once installed.

PIR Sensor: A Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor is a small electronic device designed to detect movement. A wall light installed with a PIR sensor will, therefore, automatically switch on when movement is detected within its field. 

Top-Fix & Bottom-Fix: A top-fix wall lantern comes complete with a bracket fixed to the top of the general body of the luminaire. These lights are ideal for placement above a door or entryway for maximum downward light project. A bottom-fix wall light features a bracket attached to the bottom of the general body of the luminaire and is ideal for placement beside an entrance way or on the outdoor columns of a porch.

Uplighters & Downlighters: A wall light or lantern that is specifically designed to project and filter all  light upwards is known as an uplighter. A wall light or lantern that is specifically designed to project and filter all light downwards is known as a downlighter. Some lights will do both. These lights are perfect for highlighting specific parts of an exterior setting.

IP Rating: Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are used to define the sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures. In simple terms, they assess the level of security against the intrusion of foreign objects such as dirt and moisture. For example, a wall light with an IP65 rating is very well protected against dust and low-pressure jets of water. Please note that not all unwired lanterns will be IP rated.  Your electrician will test and certify the electrical installation upon completion. For details about a specific wall light’s IP rating, please refer to the product description’s technical specification.

Edison Screw Bulb Holder: Edison screw bulb holders (also known as ES and E27/E14 holders) feature a threaded socket and are specifically designed for bulbs with threaded bases. They are the standard holder for most wall lights and lanterns. A typical ES holder features a 27mm diameter, hence why it is referred to as an E27 fitting.

Bayonet Bulb Holder: Bayonet bulb holders (i.e. B22 holders) feature a bayonet style fitting and are the second most common bulb holder type, after the Edison screw. Bayonet bulbs are designed to be slotted into the holder rather than screwed into it. A standard bayonet holder features a 22mm diameter. 

Lumens: Lumens refer to the amount of light emitted per second (i.e. the brightness of your bulb). Essentially, the higher the number of lumens, the brighter your bulb will be. 

Watt: Watts refer to the amount of energy used to create a certain level of light and the rate at which that electrical energy is radiated, absorbed, or dissipated. Essentially, the higher the watt, the brighter the light and the more energy it uses.

Wall Lights & Wall Lanterns Collection

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