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Weathervane Maintenance And Assembly Instructions


We suggest you follow the succeeding points in order to succesfully maintain your weathervane:

1. Light engineering grease is recommended for the shaft and within the shaft sleeve (tube)
2. The shaft sleeve should be clear of dirt or debris
3. The shaft itself has a point on which it rotates this point should be sharp (not blunt) or damaged.
4. Mounting locations are important, to fit your vane within a clear and open space is vital (we recommend the use of a qualified trades person).
5. To protect from corrosion and to keep the sharp/attractive finish, annual (or as required) repainting is recommended using any automotive paint in matt black or any colour of your choice.

On installation, use any exterior metal paint to provide a finished top coat, the weather vane is only matt black primed, WD 40 can also be used and provides an oily all over coating. This procedure is perfect for our copper weathervane range. This helps to keep its original finish longer.  An alternative method of preservation for our copper weathervanes, is to regularly apply a fresh top coat of clear yacht varnish. 

The Weathervane top is held on with a locking screw, the locking screw needs to secure the head from coming off, but equally as important, must be freed enough to allow the vane to spin freely.  We recommend that all weathervanes are installed by a qualified tradesperson, who assess the installation location for suitability. Due to their decorative nature and material, they are not always suitable for coastal locations or locations which receive excessively high winds or storm like conditions.  We recommend inspecting your weathervane yearly to ensure any necessary maintenance is completed. 

Weathervanes Sizes

Cast Iron Weathervane Dimensions

Installation Guide

For mounting your weathervane you will need to use the following drill bit sizes depending on the weathervane ordered: -

Cast Iron (Both Sizes) – 12mm

Cast Aluminium WV017/ALU – 10mm

We highly recommend seeking the assistance of a qualified trade person when fitting your new weathervane to the roof.

  • Within the packaging you should receive a detailed document depicting each weathervane component. Using this document check you have everything you need to begin.
  • To help make installation as easy as possible the mounting bracket can be fitted either vertically or horizontally to a gable end.
  • Once you are happy with the orientation of the bracket, using a spirit level for guidance mark out the fixing holes for the bracket at the installation site.
  • Refit part (B) into bracket (A) and tighten grub screws. Please check the bolts are suitable for your type of wall i.e. Stone or brick before commencing.

Some may find it easier to assemble the weathervane from part B onwards on the ground before fitting to the now installed bracket but this is entirely down to personal preference.

  • Fix the pole, part B to the mounting bracket followed by the larger ball fitting.
  • The directional arrows should interlock and be fixed in place by the two supplied screws.
  • Using a compass line up the north arrow in the correct positionand then fit your finial to the top of the pole.
  • The weathervane top is secured in place using a locking screw. It is vital that this screw remains tightly fitted to ensure the finial remains in place, while being positioned correctly to allow the weathervane to turn freely in the wind.
  • To improve the change of direction of your weathervane, grease can be applied to the pole component to facilitate a smoother more responsive movement.


Copper Weathervane Set-up Instructions


Cast Iron Weathervane Set-up Instructions

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