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Animal Hanging Basket Brackets Guide

Animal Hanging Basket Brackets Guide
By Seonaid McKay 2 years ago 10125 Views No comments

Big into gardening? Looking for a unique way to jazz up your outdoor space? Seeking a quick and easy solution for adding colour to your property exterior? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our Hanging Baskets & Brackets collection is home to a huge and varied selection of animal inspired hanging basket brackets to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a bird enthusiast, a lover of all things marine life, or you’re looking for something a little more mythical, our animal hanging basket brackets are the ideal way to add character and personality to any exterior setting! Simply combine with a hanging basket filled with your favourite flowers or herbs and you’ve got yourself an instant feature piece.

Each of our animal hanging basket brackets have been expertly designed and crafted in-house. To start the creation process, our graphic designers takes inspiration from a myriad of different creatures, digitally drawing up each design and adding the perfect amount of detailing to really make each bracket come alive. Once the designing process is complete, our workshop team expertly handcraft each bracket from thick steel and finish them in a sleek midnight black powder coat to ensure durability and longevity. Our animal brackets are by far our most popular designs, offering both natural charm, practicality and a sense of unrivalled character to any property exterior. With their black finish, our hanging basket brackets complement almost any exterior wall space and also feature pre-drilled fixing holes for quick and easy installation.

Our range of woodland animal hanging basket brackets is filled with forest favourites such the quirky squirrel, long-eared hare, and majestic stag. Our range of farmyard hanging basket brackets is filled with your most beloved farm animals including a cow, a donkey, and even a merino sheep! Our range of dog hanging basket brackets features some of the world’s most admired breeds, including a dalmatian, greyhound and labrador. And, for those bird enthusiasts out there, our range of bird hanging basket brackets is filled with an array of bird species including British favourites like the robin and the woodpecker, and even something from further afield like the kiwi bird. Here are some of our most favourite designs:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Hummingbird Hanging Basket Bracket; Fox Hanging Basket Bracket; Flying Pig Hanging Basket Bracket; Hen & Chicks Hanging Basket Bracket; Giraffe Hanging Basket Bracket; Border Collie Hanging Basket Bracket

Although beautiful on their own, our hanging basket brackets have been specifically designed to be paired with a hanging basket to create a truly unique feature in any garden space. Finished in a matching sleek midnight black and featuring a modern basket design, our twelve inch iron hanging basket is the perfect match for your new bracket!

This basket has been handcrafted from robust iron and comes complete with hanging chains and an integral hook for easy installation. Simply fill with bright flowers, plants, herbs or produce (strawberries are ideal for hanging baskets) to bring a pop of colour to your wall throughout every season of the year.

Please note that, due to the structural integrity of our hanging basket brackets, we do not advise hanging anything heavier than 10kg from the hook.

Can’t find the design you’re looking for within our collection? Not to worry, we also do custom designs! Very similar to the process used to create our bespoke weathervanes, our expert team can bring any vision (no matter how eccentric or unique) to life with the flick of switch (i.e 2-4 weeks). Once you’ve come up with your idea and proposed your design to our in-house graphic designers, your bespoke hanging basket bracket will be mocked up digitally then brought to life in our workshop with the same care taken to create our standard brackets.

Prices and lead times will vary depending on the complexity of your design, but each and every piece will be carefully crafted in-house by our expert team. We can also offer custom colours at an additional cost. Our custom hanging basket brackets make a very thoughtful gift and are also a wonderful way to inject your own personality into your outdoor setting. To find out more about custom designs, or to get the ball rolling on yours, please give us a call on 0800 6888 386. You’ll be put through to one of our graphic designers who will advise whether or not your design is possible and can then provide you with a quote.

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