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Kadai Bowl Planters

Kadai Bowl Planters
By Seonaid McKay 11 months ago 901 Views No comments

Originating from India, Kadai bowls were originally used for cooking fragrant dishes for entire villages. Although still used for their traditional purpose in many countries, Kadai bowls are now also utilised for so much more than just cooking.

With their unique cupped shape and robust quality, Kadai bowls make the perfect receptacle for plants and herbs! We have used the Iron Kadai Fire Bowl to create this beautiful lavender garden.

Create Your Own Lavender Garden

What You Will Need:

  • A Kadai Bowl - view our selection here
  • A variety of lavender plants - we used French Lavender and English Lavender
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Natural stones
  • Optional: a garden obelisk - view our range of garden obelisks here

How to Build a Lavender Garden:

Step 1: Drill a small hole for water drainage in the bottom of your bowl.
Step 2: Add a few handfuls of natural stones to the bottom of the bowl. This will also aid in drainage.
Step 3: Add an obelisk of your choice to the centre of the bowl if you wish to add some height to your mini lavender garden.
Step 4: Leaving about 5 inches around the edge, fill your bowl with a multi-purpose compost.
Step 5: Position the taller of your chosen lavender plants (in our case, French) around the centre of the bowl, followed by the smaller lavender (in our case, English) around the outside of the bowl. Position your plants almost like a clock face.
Step 6: Finally, litter some more natural stones around the lavender plants to add contrast and to keep the weeds down.

Our Kadai bowls make the perfect mini-gardens. Whether it be for a single plant species, like our lavender bowl, or for an entire summer flower spectacle, the options are endless!

You could even create a full herb garden and add little metal labels like we have below. Shop our hand-crafted herb labels here.

We’d love to see your beautiful Kadai planter creations!

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