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Bathe Your Bathroom in Style

Bathe Your Bathroom in Style
By Seonaid McKay 4 years ago 3523 Views No comments

Second to only a roaring fire, the bathroom is arguably one of the most relaxing places in the home. Something as simple as a hot bath coupled with a steaming cuppa or a glass of wine and a few candles is an absolute dream come true after a long day! We use our bathrooms so often throughout the day, it seems almost silly not to make it more inviting. From early morning showers, teeth brushing and beautifying, to long unwinding sessions in the evening, the bathroom is where it’s at.

Our range of bathroom accessories provide a little something to jazz up any bathroom space. From practical necessities such as toilet seat hinges, to more quirky elements such as soap holders, our selection has you covered. This handy style guide will detail how simple changes and additions can really create a showstopping and stunning bathroom.

Get Inspired

Bright and Cheerful

Using the colour yellow as a centrepiece, this bathroom practically screams ‘calm’ atmosphere. With its inviting colour scheme, delicate plants and funky tiles, there is no way you couldn’t relax in this space!

When renovating a space, colour choices will become your personal guide throughout the upgrading process. Pick carefully, and finding matching accessories will be an absolute picnic. This bathroom beautifully combines hot and cold colours with chrome accessories for a balanced and clean environment. Perfect for clearing your head after a busy day!

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Polished Brass Claw Bath Feet; Iron Stool; Verdigris Soap Holder; Circular Hanging Shelf

Combining vintage charm with glamorous and modern detailing, this bathroom pays homage to its Victorian bath feature whilst remaining on trend with some contemporary styling.

The simple addition of bright chrome bath feet and crystal cabinet knobs really modernises this vintage space. Easily jazz up a piece of old or basic furniture by adding a funky wall paper to the exterior of the piece, as seen in the image below. The bird paper combined with indoor plants, really brings a sense of the peaceful outdoors to this indoor bathroom.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Aluminium Claw Bath Feet; Four Drawer Cabinet; Crystal Mortice Knob; Hand-painted Narrowboat Jugs

This bathroom proves that something as simple as a brightly painted bathtub can really add that unique pop of contemporary to your space. Combining this single colour with bright whites and natural wood finishes makes for a charming space that is simply perfect for a quiet afternoon in.

Simple wall art and brightly coloured plant pots give this space a bit of an added edge when it comes to quirky style. An easy way to give your guests something to talk about!

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Free Standing Towel Rack; Light Up Wall Light; Gold Hurricane Candle Holder; Rustic Coloured Buckets

An Industrial Touch

This bright and open bathroom is a wonderful example of industrial-inspired styling that hasn’t taken on a darker vibe. Combining cast iron with chrome and more natural wooden elements, this space is beaming with a natural and modern charm.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Clawed Bath Feet; Cast Iron Ornate Shelf Bracket; Industrial Pipe Shelf; Wood and Iron Side Table

Featuring an eclectic mix of interior styles, this bathroom proves that sometimes less really isn’t more. With its muted colour scheme and natural wood combined with chrome accessories, this space looks about as cosy as it gets- not forgetting the fluffy bathmat!

Shelving units play a big part in the aesthetic of this bathroom, keeping everything tucked away and out of initial sight. This allows for a more open and inviting space that can easily be achieved by utilising more of your existing wall space.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Clawed Bath Feet; Shelf Unit; Two Tier Glass Table; Iron Cabinet Knob

Boasting a real sense of up-cycling charm, this bathroom artfully combines vintage style with more contemporary elegant details. Quirky signs, cast iron features and a bold mirror really make this bathroom unique.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Cast Iron Bathroom Sign; Mirror with Shelf; Antique Iron Toilet Roll Holder; Industrial Adjusting Table

Storage Solutions

Keeping your floor space as clear as possible is essential in any bathroom environment. There’s nothing worse than tripping over something after a nice relaxing bath! This bathroom showcases a wonderful solution for this. By utilising open shelving combined with baskets, this solution keeps your bathroom fresh and neat without having all your products on show.

For those who love their plants but have no room for them on the ground, why not hang them from the ceiling?

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Rope Hanging Mirror; Set of 2 Baskets; Hanging Fruit Basket; Classic Cast Iron Shelf Bracket

Wall hooks are a wonderful alternative to classic radiator racks when it comes to airing out your damp towels. For all your beautifying needs, ample lighting is a must. Larger, wall mounted lights or lanterns are perfect for highlighting a specific point in the room - in this case, the mirror!

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Cast Iron Toilet Roll Holder; Industrial Shelf and Mirror; Coach House Wall Light; 3 Hook Coat Rack

More Inspiration

Check out these additional bathroom pictures and get inspired!

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