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Bumblebee Door Knockers

Bumblebee Door Knockers
By Seonaid McKay 3 years ago 7478 Views No comments

Looking to jazz up your existing front door? Why not 'bee' creative and add a simple touch of nature with one of our Bumblebee Door Knockers? The humble bumblebee is known to symbolise community, brightness, and personal power, and will bring good luck to your home for years to come.

Our Bumblebee Door Knockers are so lovely that it’s no surprise that they are one of our most popular products! With their charming details and robust design, these door knockers are the perfect way to create a buzz with your visitors.

Available in three different finishes, polished brass, antique brass and finally bright chrome, there is a doorknocker for everyone, no matter your decor style!

Shop our Polished Brass Bumblebee .

Shop our Antique Brass Bumblebee .

Shop our Bright Chrome Bumblebee.

Our Hap-BEE Customers

Emma has very kindly sent us her ‘before and after’ pictures of her front door modification featuring our Bright Chrome Bumblebee Door Knocker . We think it looks absolutely amazing!

Emma said, “I am so totally in love with my bumblebee door knocker! We have been in our house for almost six years and finally got round to giving our front door a new life! Our nickname is ‘The Bees’ so the perfect finishing touch is definitely our beautiful bee knocker.”

If you’ve got a door that has been completely transformed by one of our Bumblebee Door Knockers or any door knocker from our collection, then please send in your pictures to our Facebook page. We’d love to see them.

BEE-rilliant Ideas

If you find yourself bumbling around for some door knocker inspiration, here is a selection of some of our favourite Bumblebee door knocker adorned doors.

This Antique Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker adds a rustic touch to this modern door, mirroring the period style of the rest of the build.

Add a quick and easy touch of the contemporary with our Polished Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker, seen perfectly blending with Olivia's beautiful front door. The perfect way to add a bit of charm to your front door for years to come.

Shop the rest of our door knocker range here. We have a wonderful selection of classic and quirky designs to suit all styles!

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