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Fireside Accessories Guide

Fireside Accessories Guide
By Seonaid McKay 4 years ago 4992 Views No comments

Winter is coming! Who else is really starting to feel that cold weather settling in for the season? We definitely are. With the temperature dropping a few degrees each and every day, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home all warmed up - and what better way to do that than with your fireplace?

The dim and drab weather certainly doesn’t equal a boring fireplace and, luckily for you, we’ve got a HUGE range of fireside tools and accessories to get your fireplace well and truly souped up this year. Whether you’re a lover of traditional styling or you’re more of a modern design connoisseur, we’ve got a little bit of everything to suit all styles and tastes out there.

If you’re busy getting winter ready, we’ve done most of the leg work and rounded up a selection of our most popular fireside products as well as some serious fireplace inspiration - just for you!

Definitely one of the more practical accessories you can treat your fireplace to, our varied collection of companion sets offers all the tools you could ever need to tend to your fire. Plus, they look pretty stylish too!

Here are some fireplaces that definitely know how to style a companion set!

EXACT MATCH: "Melncliffe" Black Iron Companion Set

Shop some of our most popular companion set designs:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Tripod Design Black Companion Set; Contemporary Mesh Stainless Steel Companion Set; Ironbridge Black Companion Set; Modern Three Tool Black Companion Set; Large Chrome Companion Set; "Aysterworth Hall" Black Contemporary Companion Set

Safety first! You’ve got the fire roaring and you’re just about to settle down for the night with a warm mug of tea and a good book or film, but your fireplace is left to spit ashes and sparks all over your clean carpet. Not with our range of fireguards and screens!

This fireplace knows exactly how to get ahead of the game.

EXACT MATCH: Classic Curved Fire Guard in Silver

Shop our most popular designs:

From Left to Right: Simplistic Black Fireguard; "French Victoriana" Cream Fire Screen; "Two's Company" Vintage Fireguard; Classic Curved Silver Fireguard

Everyone loves a nice bit of storage! Our collection of log baskets and coal buckets are perfect for keeping your fireplace fuel all in one neat place. Each design has been expertly crafted to suit a range of interiors and will add practicality and style to any space.

Just look at these gorgeous fireplaces!

Get the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): "Norfolk" Coal Hod; Contemporary Cream Log Holder; Shabby Chic Log Bucket; Modern Kindling and Log Basket Set; Pewter Log and Coal Holder; Stainless Steel Curved Log Holder

For those who’ve already got their fireplace jazzed up for the colder weather, we’ve also got a range of extra bits and bobs to add that final touch to your space. Whether it’s a handy match holder or some fire dogs to keep your hot tools away from the ground, we’ve got it all.

This fireplace owner knows that sometimes more definitely is the way to go.

EXACT MATCH: Paignton Three Fold Fire Guard; "Norfolk" Coal Hod

EXACT MATCH: Modern Kindling and Log Basket Set

Shop the extras:

From Left to Right: Norfolk Match Stick Holder; Hardwood and Leather Fireplace Bellows; Contemporary Steel Fire Dogs; Traditional Black Pan and Brush Set

Please note that all products within our fireside accessories collection are intended for indoor use only. These items have not been finished or crafted with exterior use in mind and will not be suitable against the outdoor elements.

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