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Kit-sch Out Your Kitchen

Kit-sch Out Your Kitchen
By Seonaid McKay 1 years ago 1369 Views No comments

It’s an unspoken rule that the kitchen is where the magic happens. And by magic we mean that it is the social hub of most homes across the world. It’s where you put your chef’s hat on, where guests gather to sip tea, and where you go first when you’re seeking a sneaky midnight snack. We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen so why wouldn’t you want to kit it out with all the very best gear?

Luckily for you, we have a wide range of almost everything you could ever need to get your kitchen looking a tad more stylish. Whether you’re looking to add a decorative touch or more practical elements to your kitchen space, we have a little something for any kind of décor style in our kitchenware range.

From nifty ideas to keep your surfaces free from pots and pans to simple ways you can completely transform the way your kitchen space looks, this inspiration guide is bound to elicit the interior designer within you.

Inspiration & Ideas

Modern Farm-style

For all those farm lovers out there seeking something a little bit more modern, this kitchen is ideal for you. Combining a single colour palette (in this case blue) with raw wood creates a simple and clean space where your chosen accessories can really shine. Mingle this with stark black and white wall art depicting your favourite farm animals and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a hearty kitchen space.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Set of 2 Rattan Baskets; Wood & Iron Coffee Table; "Butchers Choice" Metal Sign; Copper Serving Tray

Raw Industrial Chic

Whilst many associate the word ‘Industrial’ with dark colours, sharp edges and nothing but metal, it’s actually quite the opposite. This beautiful kitchen is a wonderful example of a cosy industrial space. Using cast iron tractor seats and ample lighting at the forefront of this design, this kitchen is a bright and inviting haven perfect for all your entertaining needs.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Class Bowl Hanging Light; Letter 'K' Wall Light; Tractor Seat; Basket Side Table

Bright White

If you’ve got a small kitchen and want to create the illusion of space then white cabinets and accessories are your best friends. This bright kitchen counteracts white space with natural wood, metals and carefully chosen black details. A simply stunning kitchen that perfectly represents the ‘less is more’ motto.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Industrial Wrought Iron and Wood Shelf; Kitchen Light Up Sign; Kitchen Storage Basket; White Stag Hook

Industrial Meets Country

Combining traditional country-style with subtle industrial elements will keep your kitchen looking classic and modern. This kitchen takes simple industrial elements such as metal stools and galvanised flowerpots to add a little touch of the contemporary. Why not modernise your kitchen with our range of hanging lights?

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Rustic Cream Industrial Stool; Galvanised Narrowboat Jug; "Heartlan Farm" Egg Holder; Vintage Biscuit Tin

19th Century Vintage

Are you a history fanatic or just someone who loves paying homage to the century of your home? This 19th Century kitchen feels as if we have stepped back in time. Keep your kitchen in its vintage condition whilst keeping it up to date with a fresh lick of paint and some careful lighting choices. Just looking at this kitchen gives us a nostalgic feeling of summer fruits and freshly roasted vegetables!

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Retro Industrial Dome Light; Cast Iron Tea Pot; Vintage Theatre Seats; Cast Iron Scales

Brighten Up Your Space

Flowers are a beautiful way to instantly liven up your kitchen space. Fresh flowers not only bring a real sense of the outdoors into your home but they also keep the air fresh and oxygen-fuelled. Whilst traditional glass vases like the one below are classic in design and provide a fresh vibe, we also have some wonderfully unique products to store your flower bouquets in.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right: Cooking Pan Copper Clock; Wooden Bowl

Country-style charm can easily be achieved by swapping out traditional flower vases for narrowboat ware, old milk churns and 18th century bedside, metal jugs. These receptacles add a real vintage touch and will instantly transform your kitchen into a timeless window into the past.

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Heavy Flower Holder; Canal Boat Milk Churns; Enamel Jug; Set of 2 Vintage Milk Churns; Hand Painted Narrowboat Jugs

The Storage Dilemma

The kitchen probably has the most storage out of any other part of the home, yet it never quite seems to be enough. Pots, pans, and a range of other strange gadgets and gizmos always find their way out, cluttering up your kitchen space and making cooking a bit of a nightmare. Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone with this great storage dilemma which is why we have some handy ideas for you.

Keeping Your Surfaces Clutter-free

Keeping your surfaces clutter-free may seem like a mammoth task that requires spending bundles of cash on new storage units that you simply don’t have room for. You want to display your most prized cookware but you also don’t want it just laying around getting in the way? We get it! Which is why our range of wall storage options are the perfect solution for you.

‘S’ Hooks are so simple yet so effective when it comes to elevating your kitchen to a new level of storage bliss. Easy to remove and robust in their design, these hooks are perfect for storing kitchenware that doesn’t really fit in anywhere else. These kitchens all use S hooks in wonderfully innovative ways and prove that these little hooks provide a big helping hand when it comes to storage.

Add an industrial touch with a multi-purpose wire basket rack. These racks fit perfectly onto any wall surface and are perfect for holding onto your most delicate kitchen pieces. Featuring removal baskets and a mesh design which can easily have an array of bits and bobs hung from it, this basket is as stylish as it is practical.

Not a fan of the industrial look? Why not consider using a wooden hook rack instead? Although designed for coats and other wintertime paraphernalia, our range of wooden hook racks are perfect for simple kitchen storage. Simple and sleek in design, these hooks will do just the trick to keep your surfaces clutter-free.

Shop the storage:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Industrial Wall Baskets; "Brenton Bridge" Hook Rail; Industrial Pipe Shelf; White Wooden Hook Rack

Nifty Storage Ideas

Sometimes brand packaging just isn’t what you want littering your kitchen displays. Finding suitable storage solutions for your food goods without losing the nutritional information on its packaging can be a bit of a tough journey but don’t stress, we’ve got you covered!

This kitchen pantry is practically beaming with good ideas. Keep your dry ingredients safe in simple baskets, store your loose tea bags and coffees in old fashioned sweet jars, and keep your bigger items in big galvanised buckets – ingenious.

Shop the storage:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Large Galvanised Bucket; Rustic Wall Shelves; Wicker Basket; Vintage Sweetie Jar

Shelves are the perfect way to keep your weird and wonderful kitchenware far away from any surface space. Easily store and proudly display all your favourite kitchen items without compromising on space. The perfect spot for special teapots and cups, and glass jars filled with unique biscuits and spices.

Shop the storage:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): French Style Bon Bon Jar; Cast Iron and Wood Storage Shelf; Copper Measuring Beakers; Antique Cream Draining Rack

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