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Kitchen Storage Solutions - The Space Savers

Kitchen Storage Solutions - The Space Savers
By Georgina Wilson 4 years ago 3678 Views No comments

Here at Black Country Metal Works, we are always on the lookout for products that can make your life a little easier. For some people, the kitchen can be an escape from the daily stresses of life, a place where your cookery imagination can run wild. We are going to take you on a whirlwind tour to look at how we can make your kitchen that little bit more organised, free from clutter and stylish, all at the same time. Here we offer a range of styles; from vintage to traditional, from period French kitchen to modern, in our range of kitchen accessories, there is something to suit all tastes.

Storage Ideas

It has long been a trend that kitchens are getting smaller and more compact - it’s a wonder that we have room to store all those pots, pans and crockery! We understand that the space we have is precious, which is why we have come up with great space savers that are both stylish and practical.

This selection of pan racks is perfect for storing large amounts of pans that otherwise would get in the way. The hanging pan racks are great if you have tall ceilings, as they could be hung over or close to your oven and cooker. The styles we have available range from traditional to period French kitchen.

From left to right: The Quincaillerie, The Ellesmere

Now, if you don’t quite have the space for a suspended pan rack, we offer a range of wall mounted options.

This cast iron and wooden storage shelf, seen below, makes for the ideal storage solution in the kitchen. However, with its simple and clean design, this shelf can be versatile and be placed and used in the laundry room, bathroom or airing cupboard.

These S hooks can also be used in conjunction with the wooden shelving unit above, to hook additional items such as pans or jugs and subsequently save cupboard space! WIN WIN!

From left to right: The Curldale, The Solid Wrought Iron

This Brenton Hook rail is a great space saver as it can be attached to a wall or side of a cabinet. Alternatively it could be attached to the underneath of a shelf to maximise storage space, as seen here. The options are endless!

This kitchen is a great example of someone utilising space. In the photo, notice the use of S hooks which hang a range of items, from utensils to cups, showing that the possibilities for these types of hooks are endless. The use of multi-tiered shelving for storage really does add more storage space to the kitchen, especially over a sink, where often, this space is considered as dead space.

[Photograph: Amara 2018]

This free-standing pan rack is a great way to show off your pans, whilst saving space. For those who have a country cottage kitchen décor, this would make a fine addition, adding a touch of classic vintage to your home.

We don’t always have that much fridge space for storing fruit and vegetables, but we hope that these racks will inspire you!

This Provins Cream Vegetable Rack is both stylish and robust, making it a firm favourite of ours. It has three removable tiers which makes it easy for you to take the entire contents of that bowl to your kitchen work space.

Suited more towards smaller fruit, this 2-tier stand is finished in cream. Alternatively, it could also be used as a cake stand, as the top tier can be moved to create more space!

This wall mounted shelf unit is also perfect for storing veg and fruit, as the baskets are removable. This storage solution would suit a walk-in pantry or can be mounted to the side of a kitchen cabinet. The unit is industrial in design and would suit an industrial themed home décor style. If it isn’t practical in the kitchen, then this unit could also be used in the bathroom, or laundry room. Endless possibilities.

Shop the rest of our Pan Rack & Hook range here and shop the rest of our Vegetable & Fruit Racks here.

Further Inspiration – Product of the Week

Let’s not stop there, we have all sorts of items that can make your cooking experience that little bit easier.

The cast iron cook book stand, one of our newest products, is a great addition to any kitchen and they come in a range of colours, perfect for all decors and tastes.

To test out how good they really are, we set about baking a cake. Nobody likes getting cake mix all over the book pages and this stand enables you to read without touching.

The handy weights allow the pages to be held in place, making it very convenient when baking.

We tested the stand with a range of recipe books of different thicknesses to see how well the stand would hold up, and it did not disappoint!

As the stand is made using cast iron, it is not only durable but can withstand the weight of the different sized books. There is also the option to adjust the level of the stand, depending on the required degree of the holder.

After a busy afternoon baking, it was time to taste the goods! Nothing beats a good homemade loaf cake with a nice cup of tea!

Click here to check out the rest of our cook book stand range.

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