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Jazz Up Your Shelves

Jazz Up Your Shelves
By Seonaid McKay 2 months ago 1305 Views No comments

It doesn’t get more on-trend than open shelving, and everyone knows that no shelf is complete without a few stylish brackets! Our collection of brackets offers the perfect finishing touch for any DIY project - ranging from traditional cast iron designs to ultra-modern industrial pieces, and everything else in-between. Whether you’re looking to jazz up existing open shelving or you’re wanting to make a bit of a style change, we’ve got some serious design inspo for you!

Our brackets have been expertly crafted from high-quality cast iron, brass and wood. Sold individually to allow for odd numbered purchases, each piece has been hand-finished in an array of tones and effects including polished brass, black, antique copper, and bright chrome, among others.

Everyone loves a classic! Our more traditionally styled bracket designs are ideal for adding a touch of historical charm to your shelves whilst remaining in-line with style trends.

Here are some great examples of classic bracket designs used within timeless settings:

Brackets in KItchen

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Black Ironbridge Shelf Bracket; Cast Iron Coalbrookdale Bracket; Copper Ironbridge Bracket; Curved Shelf Bracket

Looking to modernise your space? Look no further than our selection of contemporary bracket designs. Inspired by industrial styling and crisp white finishes, these brackets are the perfect way to add a touch of modernity to any space.

Just look at these beautiful settings:

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): White Gallows Bracket; Cast Iron Gallows Bracket; White Coalbrookdale Shelf Bracket; Dovedale Arched Bracket

If you’re a lover of fancy things with an affinity for going against the grain, our range of ornate shelf brackets is the one for you! From quirky animal inspired pieces to beautiful scrollwork, we’ve got a little something for everyone out there.

Here are some examples of expert bracket styling:

Shop the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Ornate Cast Iron Bracket; Polished Brass Swan Bracket; Greek Column Bracket; Bright Chrome Ornate Bracket

Our brackets have been designed for indoor and outdoor use. If you are using your brackets outdoors, please ensure that appropriate metalwork care is taken by reading our maintenance guides here. Please note that our brackets have not been designed for load bearing.

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