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Luxurious Leather

Luxurious Leather
By Alice Turnbull 3 years ago 1834 Views No comments

Leather. What comes to mind? Motorbike clothing, shoes, handbags, cowboy chaps, the list goes on and on. Now, think of leather furniture items that feature in your home. A chunky leather sofa, by any chance? Or nothing at all? What if we told you that leather isn’t all chunky and retro and can be reinvented into something luxurious and trendy?

The home is where you want to showcase your style - a place that is inviting to your visiting friends and family, but also comfortable day in and day out. So, if you’re feeling brave and a little risky, why not opt for a piece of leather furniture? I can you hear you shout at the computer “I don’t want to take the leap and get rid of my trusty fabric sofa but I still want to be on trend! What do I do?". Well, good news readers, you don’t have to get distressed (see what I did there?). Leather is a versatile material that blends with any décor. With its soft tones and natural appearance, it makes for one of our most favourite materials – apart from metals, of course!

Adding leather furniture or an accessory piece to any interior space will not only boost your trendometre but it will also bring a new flare to any room, one that brings a contemporary style. So, for those who want to add a new vibe to their homes, we’ve created a style guide filled with leather products just for you!

Is it just us or does everyone have their specific seat in the house? Whether you want to go bold and treat yourself to a new leather sofa, a new dining room chair set or just a simple addition to the corner of the room, a leather seat will transform any desired area with style and luxury. But we warn you now, the leather chair might be so inviting, you’ll have everyone fighting over it.

Simply add cushions and blankets and get snug or, if you’re feeling you need to be more productive, update your desk space with a dark leather chair. Whatever the case, we’ve got a huge range of options that will get you inspired!

Get the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Iron & Tan Buffalo Leather Single Seat Sofa ; Mango Wood & Tan Goat Leather Relax Chair ; Iron & Dark Tan Goat Leather Dining Chair; Iron & Natural Brown Buffalo Leather Relax Chair

Small but mighty! Footstalls are the most versatile pieces of furniture out there. Perfect for putting your feet on after a hard day at work but also as a spare seat for unexpected visitors. Available in all shapes, sizes and colours, our selection will certainly blend with any interior design.

Get the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Iron, Mango Wood & Brown Buffalo Leather Gym Bench; Mango Wood & Black Buffalo Leather Stool; Mango Wood & Brown Buffalo Leather Pommel Bench; Mango Wood & Brown Goat Leather Bug Stool

Whether it’s a trendy bar, coffee shop or your kitchen unit, seating is essential when bringing a whole room together. Simple, elegant or trendy, stools will bring character and charm to your desired space.

Get the look:

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Mango Wood & Black Goat Leather Stool; Mango Wood & Tan Goat Leather Counter Stool; Iron & Brown Goat Leather Backless Bar Stool; Gun Metal & Natural Brown Buffalo Leather Bar Stool

Please note that the products featured above are intended for indoor use only and have not been finished or treated for outdoor placement. To find out more about maintaining the leather elements of your products, please refer to our Leather Care & Maintenance Guide for advice.

Shop ‘The Leather Collection’ here.

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