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Trending: Copper

Trending: Copper
By Seonaid McKay 3 years ago 1536 Views No comments

There’s just something about the shiny autumnal tones of copper that gets everyone excited! With its unique finish, durability and fascinating aging process, it’s no wonder that copper is on the top of everyone’s trending list. Whether you’re going a little copper crazy (don’t worry, so are we) or you’re just looking to inject some added style into your home, we’ve jumped on the hype to offer you an array of copper products.

Each crafted from solid copper or finished in a very on-trend copper effect, these products are bound to add flair to any indoor space! Here are three ways for you to hop aboard the copper bandwagon.

For those true copper enthusiasts out there, copper furniture is the way to go! These unique designs are the perfect stand-out pieces for any room or space. From bedroom side tables to log baskets, we’ve got a little something for everyone.

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Large Copper Wire Log Basket; Antique Copper Dining Table; Square Copper Side Table; Antique Copper High Stool; Contemporary Copper Glass Table; Burnished Copper Stool

You know what they say; less is more! Just one copper accessory will instantly put you on the trend map but, if you’re definitely a ‘more’ kind of person, this rule does not have to apply to copper. We’ve got enough accessories to last you a lifetime – and they’re all perfectly on-trend.

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Contemporary Copper Wall Clock; Antique Copper Umbrella Stand; Antique Copper Crown Toilet Roll Holder; Copper Cook Pan Clock; Large Copper Umbrella Stand; Copper Ironbridge Shelf Bracket

It’s all about the lighting! Combine two trends in one with some extra fancy copper lighting. We’ve got ultra-modern designs, classic styles and entirely unique pieces to suit all tastes. Who doesn’t love a well-lit room?

From Left to Right (Clockwise): Copper 'Tree of Life' Table Lamp; Copper Dome Prism Light; Copper Table Lamp; Free-Standing Spotlight; Woven Copper Pendant Light; Contemporary Floor Lamp

Please note that the products featured above are intended for indoor use only and have not been finished or treated for outdoor placement. Due to the unique nature of copper as a ‘living’ metal, it will naturally age and patina over time when exposed to air and water. You can read more about how copper patinas down to a verdigris colour here - it’s pretty interesting stuff!

Thumbnail Image: @elle_the_home_bird on Instagram

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