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Kadai Fire Bowls: The History

Kadai Fire Bowls: The History
By Seonaid McKay 5 years ago 7060 Views No comments

Over five thousand years ago, as metal became more readily available in Eastern countries, traditional Indian cooking methods began to take on new forms and heights. With its high heat conductivity and capability to retain heat for much longer than a standard fire, this newfound material proved to be the ideal replacement for existing cooking methods. And that's how the Kadai fire bowl was born.

The Kadai bowl has been deeply rooted in Indian culture and history since its conception hundreds of years ago and is still frequently used today. Logistically speaking, the traditional Indian Kadai fire bowl was made from iron and shaped into a deep, circular bowl, much like the appearance of a wok. Each design featured riveted plates and sturdy carrying handles for ease of movement and food distribution, something which still remains true in most modern Kadai designs.

Kadai Bowl Details

Historically, Indian Kadai fire bowls were used to cook delicious, fragrant and spicy dishes for whole villages and community gatherings. A fire would be created beneath the bowl and these dishes would be cooked directly inside of the Kadai. These bowls formed a crucial part of family life and culture, often taking centre stage and precedent over other cookery methods in any community affair. Although still largely used across India for their original purposes, Kadai fire bowls are now used across the globe for so much more than just cooking. Please note we only recommend the use of those fire bowls labelled as "Food Safe" for cooking.

Kadai Bowl Uses

Whether you’re looking to add a unique, multi-use feature to your home entertaining or a more interesting way to liven up your outdoor space, Kadai fire bowls are the perfect choice. Add logs and kindling to create a beautiful and warming fire, fill with herbs or plants for a truly fascinating planter, or even use as a drinks cooler for summer parties. The uses for these versatile pieces of metalwork are simply endless!

Our vast range of Kadai fire bowls, often created from recycled iron, are the ideal way to keep this rich and colourful history alive whilst adding an additional layer of practicality and uniqueness to your outdoor space.

Our Range of Kadai Bowls

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