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Walls Need Love Too: A Style Guide to Wall Art

Walls Need Love Too: A Style Guide to Wall Art
By Alice Turnbull 2 years ago 6880 Views No comments

The final coat of paint has been applied, the furniture is in the room...and then the wall art goes up. Wall art is something that is often seen as the finishing element which pulls the space together and makes it feel complete. It also shows off your personality and transforms it from a boring functional room to something that could grace the pages of an interior design magazine. We are here to argue that wall art should not be an added extra that sits on the side lines until the end. We think it should be the driving force when you’re thinking about interior design!

However, if you’re just wanting to add a little spark and charm back into your room and don’t want to do a complete renovation then don’t worry because this guide is for you! We are going to tell you the best interior design secrets on how wall art can mesh with your existing space if you follow these simple rules.

But, before we tell you the secrets, you should know that wall art comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s the traditional framed print art, unframed canvases, collages, metal sculptures and much much more! And guess what, we've got it all. Simply click here to view our whole wall art collection.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but the room in which you put wall art in is as important as the furniture that goes within it. Every room has a clear and distinct purpose, so why should your wall art be any different? Let us explain. If you’re decorating a bedroom, a room where dreams come alive and a place where you relax the most, why not add some soothing wall art to continue that feeling of calm?

Check out @brighton_terrace who, at first glance, has just a mixture of three framed prints above the bed. But look closer, the three pieces of wall art depicts themes of sleep: NAP, the moon and a picture of a shooting star in the sky and, when combined together, create the perfect bedroom backdrop.

Fancy redecorating your kitchen? How about adding some food-related artwork? This will not only increase your appetite, but it could also inspire you to create new dishes and get creative with your culinary skills.

Or how about updating your living room into a movie room and adding framed movie posters of different sizes? Just look at this lovely space!

Choosing a colour palette is probably one of the most tricky and daunting parts of redecorating and styling a room.The number of colours and shades which are available in your local DIY store just seem completely endless and you could get lost and ultimately end up choosing the wrong colour.

We say STOP! Leave those tester paint pots at the store and focus your search on the ideal piece of wall art. Once you find a piece you love, use that as inspiration to choose your colour palette. If you want to play it safe, pick up to three shades from your wall art which you’d like to see within your home décor, choose the dominant colour and use that to decorate your space. If you need extra help, use a reference a colour wheel to select your complementary shades.

Or, if you want to be adventurous and show off your personality, go bold and choose a one of a kind wall art piece to truly make your room stand out, then buy accessories to match.

However, when in doubt, go colourless! White or cream walls with neutral earth tones and black and white wall art will always work!

Check out our range of wall art to suit metallic, gold and grey shades and tones.

Featured Products (From Left to Right): Giant Yellow & Black Bumblebee Wall Art , Circular Gold Modern Wall Art

In this case, size does matter. If the wall art is too small, it will look out of place and feel as if something is missing, whereas if the wall art is too large, the wall might feel a little overcrowded. Bare in mind you don’t always have to select one piece of wall art. How about picking a unique feature point like this skull then cluster a few smaller images around it to create a fun wall gallery?

As we’ve said before, wall art should not be an added extra which has just been planted on the wall just because there is a space. Wall art should be counted as an additional piece of furniture and therefore should be thought of as one. Give the art the space it deserves. We suggest 6-12 inches above any furniture.

Top Tip: Wall art should take up about 50-75% of your available wall space.

Everyone has different tastes, styles and personalities and the home is probably the biggest reflection of that. Rather than selecting ‘off the shelf’ prints in frames, how about adding some meaningful prints, or pieces of art which reflect your passions, loves and past experiences?

We suggest mixing some materials. Combine wood and metal with thick and thin frames with some floating shelves or three-dimensional pieces. If you’re into your bohemian or farmhouse style, then you should lean more towards warm and earthy tones which feature either travelling, nature or farmyard art.

If you’re feeling bold (see what we did there?) then three-dimensional wall art is for you. We also like it as it makes a huge different to the walls and the overall décor by adding another layer of texture. Adding just frames and pictures to your wall will sometimes make your wall look flat and boring but three-dimensional wall art will provide depth and dimension to any wall space.

Top tip: three-dimensional art should be dispersed throughout framed artwork.

@behind.theyellowgate has converted old crates into a piece of three-dimensional wall art, adding depth to their wall AND it doubles up as a handy storage solution.

If you can’t find the perfect three-dimensional wall art, then why not make the wall itself three-dimensional?

Featured Products (From Left to Right): 3D Metal Dakota Aircraft Wall Art, Autumn Leaf Wall Art

Shop some of our wall art favourites:

Featured Products (From Left to Right): Wall Mounted Rustic Flower Holder, Bespoke Metal Dragon Wall Art, Set of Three Black 'Palm Leaf' Wall Art, Letter K Wall Light ,Traditional Locomotive Design Clock, Shabby Chic Antelope Wall Sculpture, Dinosaur T-Rex Wall Sculpture , Iron Wall Mounted Candle Holder, Rustic Silver Wall Clock

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