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Shed & Garden Weathervanes

Shed & Garden Weathervanes
By Alice Turnbull 3 years ago 831 Views No comments

What day has the most powerful gusts of wind? Windsday! Ba dum chh.

Okay, I’ll admit, that wasn’t the best joke I could have picked but if you’re still reading, it couldn’t have been that bad, right?

If you enjoy the simple pleasure of daydreaming out of your kitchen window whilst doing the washing up or whilst watching the kids and dog play together, but feel as if something is missing from your view and can’t quite figure out what your boring shed, garage or small holding is missing? How about some added charm, flair and personality with the addition of…a weathervane?!

Luckily for you, we've got a HUGE range of weathervanes to suit all styles as well as heaps of advice to help you pick the perfect one for you!

Did you know that the term weathervane derives from the Proto-Germanic word for vane, which stems from the Old English word ‘fane’ meaning flag? That’s why weathervanes are normally displayed on top of the highest point of a building… (you’ll thank us later when that pops up in a pub quiz!).

Nowadays, it’s very unlikely that you would use a weathervane for practical purposes unless you’re a meteorologist or storm chaser. So, we’ve opted for designing weathervanes for decorative and aesthetic purposes, which are sure to be a winner when attached to any outdoor dwelling.

When purchasing a weathervane, there are several things to consider. Placement and size are amongst the two biggest things to keep in mind. Most of our weathervanes are for large buildings or houses but you can also jazz up your outdoor dwellings, sheds and greenhouses. Before picking your weathervane, you must note the background the weathervane will stand against. If it is dark (for example, brickwork or foliage) then our larger sized weathervanes would be more suited for you.

Get the look:

Pictured (From Left to Right Clockwise): Deluxe Rooster Cast Iron Weathervane, Weathervane Golfer, Weathervane Border Collie, Weathervane Mary Poppins,

Alternatively, you could consider a copper weathervane which is bright and will reflect the sun, standing out no matter the surrounding. Please note that this type of weathervane will change colour over time due to oxidization. You can find out more about this ageing process here.

Get the look:

Pictured (Left to Right): Weathervane Polished Copper- Pig, Weathervane Polished Copper- Eagle

Firstly, before anything, you want to ensure that your weathervane looks part of the overall architecture of your dwelling and not an added feature stuck on top.

Before fitting the weathervane together and to the desired location, please ensure you familiarise yourself with the below instructions and have all the necessary pieces of equipment and components to hand:

All our weathervanes come complete with a mounting bracket which can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on the whereabouts of your desired location and dwelling structure.

Once happy with the location of your weathervane, mark out the fixing holes and drill into the site. Please ensure that the bolts and screws you use are suitable for your wall type (ie. Brick, wood etc).

Once the bracket has been secured safety, the components of the weathervane will need to be assembled and set to the correct orientation.The arrows will interlock together and can be fixed into place with the supplied screws. Ensure that the north arrow lines directly with the north axis, by using a compass, and fit the finial to the top of the pole.

Before applying the weathervane top design, lightly grease to ensure free rotation, then place on top of the directional arrows and secure into place using a locking screw.

You can find out more about weathervane positioning and installation here.

Finally, sit back and admire your newly fitted weathervane.

Check out our large range of weathervanes, suitable for all locations and individual styles to suit everyone! So, if you’re crazy about sports, dogs, cars or anything in between, we will have something for you! If not, contact us and we will create a bespoke design just for you. You can find out more about our bespoke design process here.

Click here to see our weathervanes.

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