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Hound & Utility Group Weathervanes

Hounds assist hunters by identifying the location of prey and game. Their incredible and powerful sense of smell, sight and speed, make them the ideal tracking dogs.  Hounds come in a variety of sizes, heights and coat lengths and are extremely energetic dogs who need and thrive on attention.

Utility on the other hand, are a group that consists of miscellaneous breeds which are of non-sporting origins. The word 'Utility' means they are fit and bred for a specific purpose. The diverse group means they vary in size, coat and personalities.  Most dogs within this category are great watchdogs and housedogs. 

Each of our weathervanes have been expertly hand-crafted from high quality materials and come supplied with all necessary fixings and a universal bracket for easy horizontal or vertical fitting. Some assembly will be required and a comprehensive list of fitting instructions can be accessed here. As our weathervanes are decorative and handmade from heavy-duty iron, they will not respond in the same way as a wind measurement device or a lightweight sheet steel alternative. When installing, please ensure your location does not obstruct air flow and refer to our comprehensive guide on fitting and positioning for more information.

 For advice and inspiration, please see the following links:

Weathervane Maintenance, Positioning & Assembly Instructions

Weathervane History & FAQs

Bespoke Weathervanes

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