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Designer Mirror Style Guide

Designer Mirror Style Guide
By Alice Turnbull 2 years ago 2619 Views No comments

Mirror mirror on the wall, are you the right one for me?

It might not have the magical power to reply to you, but the mirror does have the ability to instantly add impact, decorative style and an increased sense of light and space within any room. But, with so many too choose from, how do you know which one is right for your space? The size, shape and placement of the mirror within the room all adds to the aesthetics. Luckily, we’ve put together this style guide highlighting our favourite shapes and styles so you can achieve the perfect look!


Probably the most popular in shapes thanks to their versatility, rectangle mirrors complement any room shape, style and décor. Taking inspiration from the shape of classic paintings, rectangle mirrors help fill large blank wall spaces which are often hard to decorate or furnish. Placement of rectangular mirrors are crucial and thankfully, rectangle mirrors can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

Vertical orientation of a rectangle mirror is commonly seen above fireplaces and mantles as it is the best way to fill the void. Nowadays, most lengthy wall spaces feature in hallways, so why not hang above a sideboard or a piece of hallway furniture for that last-minute make-up touch-up check before you head out the door?

Style Guide Top Tip: Try hanging two mirrors opposite each other to give depth in a small room, or, simply place opposite a window to reflect more light around the room.


The most traditional of mirror shapes, the square mirror complements any modern or traditional interior décor style. The simple shape, sleek and clear-cut corners offers a timeless aesthetic, but in which room shall I place my square mirror, I hear you ask? The best places to hang your square mirror are in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and changing rooms, as the angular shape means it is perfect for framing faces. So, for you ladies reading this, do your make-up in a square mirror!

Style Guide Top Tip: Add smaller pieces of framed art around the square mirror to achieve a contemporary gallery wall display.


Round mirrors have been known to draw the eye. They capture immediate attention thanks to their clean smooth outline and the fact that you don’t need a levelling tool when hanging them up! WIN WIN! Round mirrors without a frame or ones with a thin edge turn any room into one that is modern, as the round shape softens any sharp harsh corners and lines found within the space.

Smaller round mirrors give an instant 'pick-me-up' in darker spaces and, when paired or clustered together, give a fun alternative to wall art!

Style Guide Top Tip: When using a round mirror, don’t accessorise the surroundings too much! Their effortless design means that they work best with minimal styling. If you want to showcase your personality, how about experimenting with background wall colours or adding small ornaments and natural plants?

Geometric :

Instantly add a contemporary vibe to any room with a geometrically designed mirror. No matter how many sides it has, 5,6 or 7, the angles and lines add a sense of artistry and personality to the wall. They are great when used in very small or very large areas to add interest and are a great conversation starter.

Style Guide Top Tip: The more, the merrier! Who said you have to have just one mirror on a wall? Layer and pair together with different sizes, shapes and frames for an entirely different decor style - don't be afraid to go bold!

Shop the look:

Left to Right (Clockwise): Industrial Shelf with Mirror, Contemporary Natural Wood and Metal Wall Mirror, Rustic Industrial Mirror with Hooks, Wall Hanging Mirror Candle Holder

Choosing a mirror is more than just the choosing the shape as most mirrors are now framed within frames or are made to be both functional and decorative. By syncing your mirror style with your room décor, it will really add character to your setting.


Industrial mirrors are predominately known and seen within gardens as they can withstand the elements, however with the industrial décor style becoming trendier each day, these mirrors are also gaining popularity within the home. Their masculine and unmistakable appearance add both character and charm to any room. Often designed and framed with iron or metal, this mirror style is both stunning and eye-catching, as it's an unexpected alternative to the common mirror style.

Split Mirror Shelf:

Struggle with space? How about combining two elements together, a shelf and a mirror. Normally found within bathrooms, in a medicine cabinet style, split mirror shelving has been updated and can now be used throughout the house. Its clean and modern design means you can place those small knick-knacks, toilteries, flowers or candles on them whilst still having full access to the mirror.

Shop the look:

Left to Right (Clockwise): Antique Gold Mirrored Shelf Unit, Industrial Mirror with Shelf & Drawer, Industrial Mirror, Shelf & Hook Unit, Industrial Shelf Mirror.


Why be plain and boring when you can be fun and extraordinary? Decorative mirrors are not just for practical purposes, they give character to the room and really show off your own personality. Perfect for children's rooms or for adding a feature to any wall. Decorative mirrors don't have to be hung on the wall, mind you. They are also ideal as ornaments to fill empty spaces on desks, sideboards or tables.

Shop the look:

Left to Right (clockwise): Silver Cactus Mirror, Vintage Style Clock Mirror, 'Wish upon a start' Heart Shaped Mirror, Porthole Styled Mirror,

Please note that our decorative mirrors are designed predominantly for indoor use and are not treated against the elements, unless otherwise stated. We do not recommend placing any of the aforementioned mirrors within this style guide in outdoor locations.

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