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Unusual Weathervanes

Unusual Weathervanes
By Alice Turnbull 1 years ago 377 Views No comments

As we move into the summer months, blue skies make the perfect backdrops for our weathervanes. When it comes to garden accessories, the weathervane is the ideal way to accentuate your home style, show off your likes and hobbies or simply highlight the finer things in life. Here at BCMW we are passionate about our designs and have an extensive range to offer, from the traditional cockerel to more unique designs like cars, trains and sports teams, no two designs are the same. You will literally be blown away with choice. The weathervane is an ornamental yet practical instrument which usually sits on the top of a building to show the direction of the wind. Otherwise known as a weathervane, wind indicator or wind gauge, the word vane derives from the Old English word ‘fana’ meaning flag. Typically used to show the direction of the wind, more elaborate and ornate designs are purely used for aesthetics, adding style and character to sheds, garages and houses.

The earliest known example of the weathervane depicted the Greek God Triton, Son of Poseidon. The weathervane was crafted from bronze by astronomer Andronicus, in approx. 48 B.C. Featuring the upper body and head of a man and the lower body of a fish, the weathervane was fitted to the ‘Tower of the Winds’ in Athens, whereby the trident indicated the wind direction.

Since then, the weathervane design can be found throughout history including on the bow of Viking ships. The most famous historical moment for the weathervane was during the ninth century, when the Pope decreed that all churches should be topped with a cockerel shaped weathervane to pay homage to the biblical prophecy of Peter’s betrayal to Jesus. More recently, the weathervane has become a statement piece on top of American homes, including that of past Presidents, George Washington. Nowadays, as popularity for the weathervane grew, designs were created by the people and for the people. Today, weathervane designs feature the traditional craftsmanship but with a modern twist of creative and unusual designed toppers. All made from a combination of cast iron and high-quality steel, each weathervane has been finished in a standard powder coated black finish.

We have over 500 weathervane designs available, from the traditional cockerel design to more unusual and quirky designs. All handcrafted and designed by our in-house team, each weathervane is traditionally hand forged on site and fabricated from a combination of steel and cast iron and come complete with universal mounting bracket, directional arms and fletched arrow. Other weathervanes have been hand painted for that extra special touch. For those who want more of a personal touch, we can also create bespoke designs from ideas and photographs. To learn more about our bespoke weathervanes, check out our bespoke weathervane page.

Products from left to right: Kite Surfer Weathervane, Chocolate Confectionary Characters Weathervane, Fire Breathing Dragon Weathervane.

For those who treasure the finer things in life, our range of ornate weathervanes are the ideal gift and garden accessory all year round. Intricately designed by our graphic designer, each and every minute detail can be seen throughout, making the weathervane a true wow factor to anyone who sees it. Designed to be more decorative than functional, this type of weathervane is perfect for remembering special events or birthdays.

Products from left to right (clockwise): British Parachute Regiment Weathervane -78cm , Sherborne Abbey Weathervane, Orinoco The Womble Weathervane, Freshwater Salmon Weathervane, Baroque Sailing Ship Weathervane, Carousel Horse Weathervane.

Rather than having the traditional fletched arrow, our unusual weathervanes are a little quirkier and modern in their design. Removing the arrow aspect altogether, allows for the entire design to become not only the topper but the arrow too. Check out these unusually designed weathervanes that takes the weathervane to a wow-vane!

Products from left to right (clockwise): Trombone Weathervane, Swallow Weathervane, Witch Riding Broom Weathervane, Feather Weathervane, Modern Flag Weathervane, Heron Flying Weathervane

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