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Wall Mounted Post Boxes

We are proud to say we now have one of the most exciting and varied collection of wall mounted post boxes and mail boxes, available anywhere. Within this fabulous range are all hand made, using all sorts of materials including steel, iron, copper and aluminium, with all shapes and sizes to suit all applications. Many of our wall mounted post or parcel boxes are new designs based on thoughtful feedback from our regular customers, and some are fantastic replicas of old, but increasingly rare designs. Whatever your requirement, we are confident that we have the right one to suit your home or business. If you would like to discuss your requirements, or would like further advice on our range, please feel free to call our friendly sales team, on 01691 610952, or better still, “try before you buy”, and come for a visit.
if you take it away with you. Perfect!

All or most are able to be fitted to a post or wall.

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  1. Wall Mounted ER Post box

    Part Number: LB1017/S + LB1010/STD


    • Post Box
    • Stand

    Post Box

    Height: 580mm (22.8")
    Width: 240mm (9.5")
    Depth: 200mm (8")
    Weight: 10.46kg

    Perfect for wall mounting as it’s not as deep as the standard ER Version.

    Produced in Cast Aluminium and steel.

    Also available in Black. 

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  2. "Goldhay" Secure Post and Parcel Box

    Part Number: LB1018 + LB1010/STD


    Pre-order for despatch week commencing 05/01/2015

    • Post Box - External
    • Post Box - Internal
    • Letter Aperture
    • Post Box Stand

    Post Box - External

    Height: 530mm (21")
    Width: 380mm (14.9")
    Depth: 240mm (9.5")
    Weigth: 6.5Kg

    The “Goldhay” post and parcel box is another of our bestselling designs, perfect for envelopes and document wallets. 

    Hand made in a high grade casting and finished in smart satin black, this is a stunning, heavy duty post box, designed for life long service. 

    This parcel box is wonderfully classical in style, with an elegant posting opening and a large lockable lid for receiving parcels from your postman. A small padlock is supplied, which can be left open and then closed after depositing any parcels or post. 
    In these current times, with more and more items being purchased on the web, these lovely, large, parcel boxes are becoming essential.

    Key Facts

    • Can be used as a wall mounted or free standing post box.
    • Opening top makes it perfect for larger envelopes and parcels.
    • Made from high grade cast iron.
    • Available in a choice of quality colour finishes.

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  3. Huntingdon post box

    Part Number: UKDI021


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 460mm
    Width: 410mm
    Depth: 160mm
    Letter Aperture: 275mm x 34mm
    Weight: 5.6kg

    A practical and regal looking appearance, offering a well-proportioned wall mounted post box.
    This post box is available in a choice of colour finishes including black, green and red.
    The flap or opening aperture flap is cast in high quality, solid brass.
    Weather tight and offered with two cut keys for the ensured security of your parcels and post

    All fixings are provided.

    Key Facts:

    •  Easy to mount on wall.
    • Comes with a spare set of keys.
    • Secure design to keep post as safe as possible.
    • Heavy duty and robust.
    • Superior quality and built to last.
    • Perfect for domestic or commercial use.

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  4. Dawson Lodge Post Box

    Part Number: LB1026/BLK/L


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 465mm (18.3")
    Width: 280mm (11")
    Depth: 80mm (3.14")
    Aperture: 230mm (9") x 45mm (1.7")
    Weight: 2.6kg

    Hand made in steel and finished in British Racing Green. Slim and discreet, it retains some stylish detailing on the front, with a traditional arched top, small shoulders and with two small openings at the bottom to indicate when there is mail to collect. A neat drop down door in the front enables quick and easy removal, and is lockable.

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  5. The Suffolk Post or parcel box

    Part Number: LB1024


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 431mm (17")
    Width: 406mm (16")
    Depth: 182mm (7.25")
    Letter Aperture: 203mm x 50mm
    Weight: 5.6kg

    This is an originally designed post box, highly practical and traditionally styled. It is square in shape , with a sloping roofline. Produced in cast aluminium and finished in powder coated satin black. It has a solid brass flap, which has a satin finish, and there is a musical bugle design on the opening door and sides. It also has a Locking door with two cut keys.

    Supplied with all the fixings. 

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  6. The Narrow Sheffield Post and Parcel Box

    Part Number: LB1022/S


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 430mm (17")
    Width: 330mm (13")
    Projection: 190mm (7½")
    Aperture: 225mm (9") x 25mm (1")
    Weight: 9.4kg

    A New Addition, this design offer all the benefits of wall mounting or using it conjunction with a post. Produced from metal castings and finished in satin black, with a gold emblem top and bottom. Front opening door, with security cut key lock and two keys.

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  7. Wall Mounted Mulrose Slim Version

    Part Number: LB1010/S/BLK


    Stylish and with a slightly theatrical edge, the wall mounted Mulrose is a lovely post and parcel box, perfect size for mounting on walls. Complete with letter flap and lockable front door. Produced from sheet metal castings and finished in satin black. Front opening door, with security cut key lock and two keys.

    Height = 425mm (16.6")
    Width = 277mm (10.9")
    Projection = 123mm (4.8")
    Weight = 9.7Kg

    Door size:
    Height 184mm (7.25")
    Width 197mm (7.7")
    Weight: 12kgs


    Installation for gates

    Normally when these are fitted to decorative iron gates, the bars are cut and the box inserted into place then welded directly to the bars or frame.

    If you are actually having gates made to order, it’s always advisable to offer the box to the gate manufacture, so they can build the gates and fit the box simultaneously.

    Professional advice is always recommended; consult your local blacksmith or mobile welding engineer if possible. 

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  8. Copper and Brass Celtic Design Post Box

    Part Number: LB005-a


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 254mm (10")
    Width: 320mm (12⅝")
    Depth: 95mm (3¾")
    Weight: 2.46kg

    This superb 'Sateen' copper and brass Post box has a beautiful brass Celtic emblem on the top and bottom corner of the box front. Perfect For Envelopes and Document wallets. It has a simply styled 'lift up' lid to allow letters to be dropped inside. It has a sloping lid to encourage rain water to simply slide off. It has two 'drop' screw holes in the back and will simply slot over two screws, to allow easy fixing.

    More product info

  9. Tudor Rose Motif Post Box

    Part Number: LB1009


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 460mm (18⅛")
    Width: 280mm (11")
    Depth: 120mm (4⅔")
    Letter opening: 233mm (9⅛") x 40mm (1½")
    Weight: 9.6kg

    This beautifully stylish post box is one of our most popular designs and has been adorned with a polished brass Rose motif at the centre. The post box also features classical lettering and is suitable for wall or pillar mounting.
    Complete with top set letter aperture and a lockable front door, this post box will easily take an A4 envelope.
    The mail box has been produced from durable cast iron and finished in a choice of satin black, winter white or french cream. 

    This delightful design is also available without the Rose motif or lettering if required. The front opening door, with security cut key allows you to collect your post and remain certain of the safety of packages and post.

    • Robust cast iron.
    • Available without the rose and lettering if required.
    • Wall or pillar mountable.
    • Choice of colour finishes including satin black, winter white and french cream by special order.

    More product info

  10. “Draig” Welsh Dragon Motif Wall Mounted Post Box

    Part Number: LB1009/DRG


    Dimensions (approx)
    Height: 460mm (18⅛")
    Width: 280mm (11")
    Depth: 120mm (4⅔")
    Letter opening: 233mm (9⅛") x 40mm (1½")
    Weight: 9.6kg

    Charmingly sophisticated in style this wonderful post box has been hand crafted from robust steel.
    The mail box has also been adorned with solid brass lettering and an elegant Welsh dragon motif.
    Delightfully secure the front of the post box is lockable and the letter aperture will easily take an A4 envelope.
    The door has been hand cast in high grade aluminium and is simply perfect for mounting on walls or pillars. 
    The central Welsh dragon motif is steeped in history and is beautifully decorative. 
    A stunning feature for your home the Welsh dragon post box is also available in a bright chrome finish.

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