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Kadai Fire Bowls

The most genuine and traditional of all our firepits and firebowls, the Kadai bowl derives from India, where they were and still are used to cooking fragrant and spicy dishes for whole villages, and as such formed a crucial part of family life and gatherings.

 Imported directly from India, these genuine high quality metalwork pieces are ideal for anyone who has a passion for entertaining and also cooking in the garden. Created from reclaimed or reused iron, these wonderfully aged Indian Kadai fire bowls are totally individual and may vary in size, weight and have varying handles.

We recommend only burning wood in your genuine Kadai Bowl. All bowls will patina and age when exposed to the elements and heat. This aging process will not affect the integrity and durability of the metal but we do suggest giving your Kadai fire bowl a rub down with oil after each use. These Indian Fire Bowls should only be used outside in well ventilated areas. 

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Discover More

Each hand-crafted using authentic metalworking methods, our range of Kadai bowls offer far more than just heat. They also bring an incredibly rich historical story, a multitude of uses and the perfect central point for gathering with family and friends! Discover more about these wonderfully versatile bowls using our guides below. 


The traditional Kadai fire bowl has formed an integral part of Indian culture for over fifty decades. With so much time passed since its initial conception, there's no wonder the Kadai bowl has a very fascinating and rich history. We've created this 'mini' guide on Kadai history to give you a quick overview of its construction, uses and legacy.                       

Outdoor Entertaining


Kadai bowls are the ideal companion for any entertaining event throughout all seasons of the year. Whether it's for exploring your outdoor culinary adventures or for cosying around when the temperature drops, there's nothing quite as versatile as a fire bowl!

Kadai Bowl Planters


Not just a pretty face! The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to uses for your Kadai bowl. Keep your bowl in business all year long and use it as a quirky planter or herb garden throughout the chillier seasons. How? Here's the guide! 

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