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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
By Seonaid McKay 3 years ago 1205 Views No comments

With Valentine’s Day a mere heartbeat away, it's time to get thinking about how you're going to spoil that special someone in your life (or yourself) for the big day of international romance. For those of you who are wanting to stray away from the traditional heart-adorned offerings, we have the perfect selection of unique and quirky ideas to present to your loved one this Valentine's Day. From opportunities to get snuggled up on the sofa to creating a real electric spark, our gifting suggestions are bound to bring something unique to your day!

Here are the boring, but important, bits before we get into the romancing spirit: Of course T&Cs apply, so do check those out before you put all of your faith in us to get something to you before the 14th of Feb! We will try our best to make your day perfect, but we cannot be held responsible for the delivery time of your item once it is in our courier’s hands, so please try and leave some breathing room. All products are available while stocks last.

With that out of the way, let’s get it on. And by ‘it’ we mean gift buying.

1.) Green Cast Iron Teapot

Start Valentine's Day off right. Make breakfast in bed for your sweetheart with one of our Japanese-inspired teapots. Our cast iron teapots are specially designed to keep your brew hotter for longer and come supplied with a removable tea strainer. Perfect for the one who loves their unique loose leaf options. What more could anyone really want?

Shop other colours and finishes here.

Watch the teapot in action here:

2.) Solid Brass Pine Cone Door Knocker

With its seasonal winter vibes and warm bronze finish, this pine cone door knocker will give her the gift of forever autumn – or at the very least, a constant reminder of it! Every time she enters the door, she’ll be reminded of hot chocolates, cosy blankets, orange skies, oh and you! You absolute winner.

Shop other designs and finishes here. We have loads of different and quirky designs!

3.) Industrial Shelf with Mirror

Combining both the practicality of a mirror and a shelf, this piece is the perfect Valentine's Day gift for anyone who needs convenience to save a little bit of time in the morning! Show her exactly who the fairest of them all is – spoiler alert, it’s you and your great gift giving abilities.

4.) "Tulips from Amsterdam" Iron Ceramic Tray

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As recommended by our Accounts Manager, this beautiful tray combines a ceramic base filled with a tulip design and a robust iron frame making it ideal for serving breakfast in bed to your loved one for years to come. Don’t worry, the novelty will wear off after a week and then she can use it to serve tea when special guests come over or to keep things tidy. The kind of gift that just keeps on giving.

1.) Light Bulb Clock

Give him the gift of time and bright ideas with this unique desk clock. With the pace of everyday life hitting full tempo, this clock is a reminder that sometimes the gift of time spent together is as good a gift as any. The perfect way to say “I think you’re really smart but please stop being so late” in the coolest way possible.

2.) Cast Iron Trevena Fire Bowl

Add a little extra fire to both of your lives with this practical and beautiful fire bowl. The perfect way to stay warm in the winter months, this fire bowl will keep the sparks coming for infinity and beyond.

3.) Camping Weathervane

For the one in your life who asks you to go camping with him at least once a week and you always carefully push it back with a “in the summer, sure thing!”, this weathervane is the ideal gift. Bring camping right to his front door so he’s happy and you’re safe for at least another season. And if you both love camping, even better!

Camping isn't really his thing? Shop the rest of our weathervane range here.

4.) Tractor Seats

Super practical and super cool, these tractor seats will definitely be the most unique and practical Valentine's gift he’s ever received. Available in an array of different finishes and colours, these seats will jazz up almost any space. Be the one to help him add a little flair to his office or man cave.

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