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Front Door Furniture

Front Door Furniture
By Alice Turnbull 1 years ago 14311 Views No comments

When it comes to the front door, first impressions really do mean everything. Front door styles, colours and furniture tells the visitor, family members or postie something about your taste and style. As the main entrance to your home, the front door gives a great impression to your home’s aesthetics within. The main focal point to the exterior of the property, front doors and the furniture’s they hold, may even enhance the curb appeal and future property sale price. For those who are lucky enough to have a detached home, it is often easier to showcase your style and identity, however for terraced or semi-detached homes, front doors are the only way to mark your individuality and style. With so many front door choices, colours and furniture designs, it is often easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Not to worry though, we have created this handy front door guide which will provide you with all the information you need, whilst also inspiring you!

Always remember, as a rule, there are no rules. Do what suits you, your style and your home style.

What are the main points to consider when furnishing a front door?

As the focal point of your home façade, the front door is the essential and most important component to the overall style. Keeping the front door and its furniture in keeping with the overall style and age of the home, is crucial in creating the right look!

Front Door Colour:

Choosing front door colours are one of those really tough and important decisions in your life- well not really, but it does mean a lot to your home. Not only is a freshly painted front door aesthetically pleasing but calming colours make it a positive welcome for visitors. Keep in mind the colours of the building materials surrounding your home. Think about the brick, the cladding and the roof colours as that will sway your opinion on colours. Use bright colours to brighten small entranceways and dark exteriors. We recommend sourcing your door furniture first and then choosing an assortment of colours which complement.

As the gateway to the rest of the home, the door knob is probably the most crucial part in furnishing a door, not only do they allow one to enter the home, they provide the finishing touches to the overall door. If you are seeking something with a more classical feel to match a period home, you may wish to purchase something that would have been relevant during that time, for example antique brass or pewter. Whilst those who are seeking a more modern touch, might opt for door knobs in a chrome or polished finish which offer a more contemporary feel.

Shop the Products:

Products (pictured left to right clockwise): Georgian Bright Chrome Centre Door Knob, Pointed Polished Brass Octagonal Centre Door Knob, Large Circular Bright Chrome Centre Door Knob, Octagonal Pointed Centre Door Knob

The oldest form of front door furniture, the door knocker alerts those inside the home that visitors are present. Most homes in the UK feature a door knocker, not just for functional reasons, but for decorative reasons. Ideally situated in the central panel of your door, the chosen door knocker should keep with the personality of the property, whilst also standing out against the chosen door colour. Completely up to preference, door knockers offer a way to showcase personality and likes. For more information regarding the history of the door knocker, check out our history page.

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Products (pictured left to right clockwise): Polished Brass Bumblebee Door Knocker, Sandringham Bright Chrome Lion Knocker, Polished Brass Dragon Fly Door Knocker, Bright Chrome Octagonal Door Knocker

A modern alternative to the classic door knocker, the doorbell was once seen as a symbol of wealth, whereby only those who were connected to electricity could have one. Since then, the doorbell has advanced in designs and doorbells today now include video and sound functionality. For those who do not wish to keep up with modern trends we have you covered.

Popular in period and Victorian homes, butler bells and mechanical chimes were used to alert those inside that visitors had arrived. A small bell would be installed inside the home and was manually activated by a pully or chain from the outside. For those who have newer build homes, doorbells are the best way forward and our collection of doorbells will suit any home exterior. However, there is no rule which states you cannot have both a doorbell and a door knocker. It comes down to personal preference and if you can't decide, we vote, both!

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Products (pictured left to right clockwise): Black Classical Round Push Door Bell, 'Welling Hall' Butler Door Bell Pull, 'Adie Amus' Bright Chrome Antique Gothic Bell Push

Now a piece of door furniture which is essential to everyday life, the letter plate was not popular until the mid to late 19th Century. According to historians, the Royal Mail had to encourage homeowners to install letter plates to facilitate the delivery of mail as until then post offices were the only way to send and receive mail. Since the 1890’s, letter plate designs has changed from a simple hole in the front door to one that was covered with a flap. In most recent decades, letter plates now have springs attached to the mechanisms ensuring draughts are kept to a minimum.

As a prominent and essential part of the front door, the letter plate must match all other door furnishings to complete the look, in terms of colour, materials or style. This ensures that the appearance of the building remains consistent from the curbside.

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Products (pictured from left to right clockwise): Small Cast Brass Traditional Letter Plate- Polished Brass, Antique Black Iron Postal Letter Flap/ Letter Plate with Knocker ,Small Cast Brass Traditional Letter Plate- Polished Chrome, Vertical Fleur de Lys Cast Iron Door Knocker and Letter Plate

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